Monday 140127

For time:
9 Snatches, 155#(105#)
Row, 2000 m
15 Snatches, 155#(105#)
Row, 1000 m
21 Snatches, 155#(105#)
Row, 500 m
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Is that Richard Simmons, or possibly another well known trainer around here?

Well if you catch her with the right song on you might see trainer Anna bust out some Richard Simmons type moves. There is more to Anna than just her sweet dance moves though. . . 
How did you get started in CrossFit? 
I was learning how to protect myself for the inevitable zombie apocalypse at Colorado Krav Maga a little over 5 years ago when they started a rudimentary Crossfit program.  They talked about handstands and pull ups and workouts that were only 6 minutes long.  I was SOLD!!
What made you want to become a trainer? 
It is SO AWESOME giving people a cue or feedback that clicks and makes them realize their potential.  It is also pretty neat being present or part of an athletes successes and seeing the excitement on their faces.
What brought you to Verve? 
First, H to the IZZO (my boo) sparked my interest.  Second, the caliber of athletes and coaching here.  Being around awesome people HAS to make you awesomer, and it has!!
What is your athletic background prior to CrossFit?  
When I was young enough to be bendy, I was a gymnast for about 10 years.  Once my bendyness started to fade, I went into dance.  I ended with cheerleading through high school and college.
You have competed on Verve teams several times as well as competed individually. What is your favorite part about competing? What is your least favorite part?  
My favorite part about competing is pushing myself to levels I normally wouldn’t push myself.  I LOVE being part of team because I will push myself much harder for another than I would individually (weird, I know).  My least favorite part of competing is the feeling that I am never prepared enough, but that is what is great about Crossfit, you’re prepared without even knowing it!!
How was it being Clancy’s partner at the 2013 regionals? It’s okay to be honest, it was probably pretty rough.  
Wait, that was a partner workout??? Kidding.  I think we complemented each other really well.  I will say it was rough giving him a boost up to the pull up bar for those toes to bar though:)
In your opinion where can one find the best cup of coffee in Denver?  
100% it would have to be Cole Craft coffee.  They roast their own beans so it smells amazing, and they serve beer too!! SOLD! Plus you get a random drunk homeless man walking in to make things interesting.
Have you had the same laugh since childhood?  
I am pretty sure that loud bellow started when I started cheerleading and learned to yell from my belly.  Before that, I was really shy and quiet and would cover my mouth when I laughed.  Now, I just let it out.
You seem to be very happy most of the time, what drives your chronic enthusiasm? What’s the secret to eternal happiness? Seriously, we must know.  
My chronic enthusiasm comes from  a random schmattering of ideas including: we all have crap going on in our lives and I don’t want to contribute to someone else’s crap, so put on a happy face;  You choose your mood every day, so why not be happy (although some days it is definitely harder than others); “Your thoughts become things, so make them positive”
What is your greatest CrossFit achievement?  
I would say qualifying for Regionals as an individual 3 years in a row……… my age.
What is currently tops on your CrossFit goals list? 
#1 – Keep the same level of passion and enthusiasm for Crossfit that I had when I started 5 years ago.  #2 – Deadlift like Joylyn #3 Muscle-up like Emmalee.
Alright lady, any last thoughts? I know it was posed as a question but really think of it as “tell us just one more tie bit, please”.  
“I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party!!” Ron Martin
Closing thought: I really love what I do and hope that is conveyed in my interactions with everyone. 
Well Anna, I’m pretty sure a lot of us might agree with your goals. And yes, your passion is conveyed with us.

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