Monday 140303

For time:
Run 800 meters
Then, 3 rounds of:
20 Box jumps 24″(20″)
20 DB squat cleans 40#(25#)
20 Ab mat sit ups
Then, run 800 meters

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Joe going after 14.1 in his first ever CrossFit Open WOD.


Training Doubles By Chris Slaughter
I’ve seen a pretty decent amount of people doing doubles (or 2 workouts in 1 day). I’ve also witnessed a lot of people who were doing a specific program (cough barbell club) who maybe were also doing WODs. There could be a lot of reasons for doing doubles. No wait stop – don’t agree with the first reason you just thought of for doing two workouts in a day, dig deeper and find all the reasons. 
• I think I need to. (nope we don’t)
• I’ve been eating like crap and missing workouts and this is might somehow make up for that. (errr wrong)
• I had a rough day and have lots of built up frustration and the gym is my release. (hmm ok)
• I want to test myself to see what I’m capable of. (alright let’s do it)
Or my favorite answer:
• Hey I feel great and I’m going to do two workouts because there won’t be any negative effect on other parts of my training, I’ve been drinking lots of water and eating great and sleeping well; and oh I’m going on a business trip tomorrow and I’ll have several days to rest, and every once in a while it’s great to mix it up! (Cool beans as Luke would say).

Back in the day – it was a Wednesday in 2008 – a buddy told me when I was 4 months into CrossFit, in love, and wanted to do doubles “Make sure your sleep is perfect, your food is precise, and you can maintain 1 workout a day for 7 days straight if you needed to: then you can introduce doubles”. 
Here’s a couple of reasons for us to rethink and guide our double down training days. For brevity I’m leaving out competitive style training (talk to a trainer if that’s your goal)
• Doing two workouts in a day is changing the stimulus and therefore our bodies’ adaptation to it. If we deadlift heavy and then go run a marathon afterwards, do we think our body is going to build strength? Endurance? Neither?
• The gym programs (plans workouts) generally for one class type – I.E. WOD, Skills, Foundations – all of these programs are different and not really intended to be mixed.
• Be specific, dedicated, and patient about what class we attend; just because we don’t particularly like that day’s barbell club we should not be skipping it to go do the WOD. Be patient to see the results.
• Try to do doubles on days with shorter WODs, Murph, and then a 30 minute AMRAP; yea maybe not the best idea. Even better do a double when we plan to stay for open gym and totally change up the style of workout for our second round.
• Our sleep and diet need to come first; if we do not follow this, we will over-train. Period. If there are any questions or concerns a trainer is available to assist and guide in the right direction.
***Reminder that if you are competing in the Open, you need to have your score for 14.1 submitted by 6pm TONIGHT.  Submit your score here.


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