Monday 140310


5 Rounds for time of:
800 Meter run
5 Rope climbs
50 Push-ups

Post times to comments and BTWB

Danni and Zink both working on their “weighted” strict pull-ups.

Two down, three more to go. By Courtney Shepherd

On Thursday night when 14.2 was announced I began to see a trend building across social media. There began to be comments about how the CrossFit Open isn’t really “all inclusive”. Or statements about paying $20 just to do 10 OHS and stare at a bar for 2 1/2 minutes. I understand the frustration that exists when we are faced by something that instantly makes us think “I can’t do that”. But I also want to take a minute and play the devil’s advocate on behalf of CrossFit. My first question, what about 14.2 has cut you out of the Open? Is it the OHS or the C2B? Maybe I’ve never done a 95#(65#) OHS and the thought of doing 10 in a row scares me. Or I just got my kipping pull-ups but I have not yet been able to get my chest to the bar. Having these thoughts should not eliminate us from the Open, they should be the driving force that pushes us to rise to the challenge of the Open. Because that is what the Open is, a worldwide challenge to show us the product of our hard work over the past year or to show us what we need to be working on for the year ahead. I am not eliminated, I am empowered. I am empowered to get my first. My first what? My first 95# OHS. My first C2B. My first set of 3 C2B. My first set of 10 unbroken OHS. My first workout with C2B pull-ups. We need to find a way to see our accomplishments as victories and not as “not enough”. We need to say “I GOT THIS. . . ” rather than “I only got this. . . “. Instead of hearing the WOD announced and thinking “well I can’t do that”, we need to say to ourselves “alright, I’m ready to try that”. When we step up to the plate and try it is never a fail. It’s when we don’t try that we fail ourselves. When we don’t even give ourselves the opportunity to rise up, we will never know what we are made of. 

No one is eliminated. We are all included. We are all given an opportunity to prove ourselves. Not just to the world but to ourselves. You are proving that you have strength and determination. You have the will and the grit. You have the drive to press on and not throw in the towel. Right now I have something in my head that I don’t want to see in 14.3. It’s a weakness. I’ve been working on it but it’s not where I want it to be. When 14.3 is announced this Thursday, should it include this weakness, I will not hang my head in defeat. I haven’t even had a chance to try so how can I be defeated. I will simply smile and say “let’s do this”. Because I want to see what I got, and I bet it’s more than I think. I bet it will be the same for you. Don’t start off with negative thoughts, no good will come from them. Stand tall, accept the challenge with confidence, and go tear some s%#t up. What are you made of?

But what if I try and I don’t do as good as I wanted to? What if I step up to the plate, I swing, and I miss? You still stepped up, you still swung, and there is still something to be learned from the miss. 

“Part of CrossFit is admitting where we are, not just where we would like to be. The road to better starts with the truth. And the truth is that I’m not always the athlete I want to be.”

There are so many stories that come out of the Open. This one is from Lisbeth Darsh. She titled her post “I only got 306 fewer reps than Talayna” and she is proud of it. (Click here to read the whole thing)

“Celebrate their success and move on. Celebrate your commitment to effort and move on. Your score is not you. It’s a reflection of who you are at this one moment in time. That’s all it ever was.” 

So let’s do this team. Let’s make a commitment to try. Let’s watch Thursday night as they announce the next WOD. Let’s cross our fingers it’s not that one thing we don’t want it to be, or cross our fingers that it is. It won’t matter because we are still going to walk into the gym on Friday and we will try. We will try our hardest, we will give it our max effort, and we will walk away proud. We will not allow ourselves to be defeated by something we haven’t had a chance to battle. We are not eliminated. 
**** If you are competing in the Open you need to have your scores submitted by 6pm TONIGHT (Monday 3/10)!!! Submit your score here. 


  1. Jen W :

    So I just had the pleasure of spending the weekend with The Chans at a L1 Cert in Chicago!!! What an amazing duo! I’ve been following your site for a couple years now (LOVE IT–so informational and motivating) Meeting Cherie & Matt was the icing on the cake. You have an extremely talented group of role models there. They really lit a fire in me to get better and improve those around me. I look forward to dropping in when I come to Denver!!

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