Monday 140421

Shoulder press 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1
Push press 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
Jerk 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

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Weekly Food Prep by Colby Knepp

Your busy. I know. But your commitment to taking 2 hours on a Sunday to go grocery shopping and prep healthy meals for the week will likely be the biggest determining factor as to how well you can adhere to healthy eating. Here is a fool proof approach that will take you under 2 hours to prep clean meals for the entire week.

A quick note: you have a couple of options here. You can cook enough to last you three to four days and then go through the process again, or you can cook enough to last you one week. Personal preference.

  1. Get started. Don’t put it off until later; because it won’t happen later. Do it first thing in the morning or afternoon, and then you can get on with your day. Total time: One second.
  2. Clean out your fridge, cupboards and pantry. Eliminate any items that are past due and need to be thrown out. This will help to make room for the new stuff coming in. Total time: 5 minutes.
  3. Make a plan. Use a resource like the Paleo Recipe Book ( or Gourmet Nutrition ( Pick out two dinners that you would like to make (and be sure to cook enough for leftovers). Pick out one soup/crock pot recipe. Pick 2-3 snacks. Total time: 10 minutes.
  4. Go shopping. I like Whole Foods and Sprouts for the important things (meat and vegetables), and King Soopers for the “household” type things like tooth paste, toilet paper, etc. Bring your Quick Reference Food List with you, as well as your Meal Planning Cheat Sheet. Total time: 60 minutes (if you’re moving very slow).
  5. Prep your vegetables. Wash and cut all produce and store in Tupperware for later use. Total time: 10 minutes.
  6. Cook your meats. Cook your proteins in bulk and freeze what you don’t use. This way you can easily thaw them out when you need them, and you don’t have to worry about quality food spoiling. Total time: 30 minutes.
  7. Pack your lunch and a few snacks for tomorrow, and you are on your way. Total time: 5 minutes.


  1. Pottsie :

    Colby, heart you, and I’m usually pretty good at detecting tongue in cheek, but all these prep times are way under actual.

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