Monday 140519

Hang clean 5-5-5-5-5
Back squat 10-10-10
Clean pull 10-10-10

The 2nd Phase of the Clean Pull

The 2nd Phase of the Clean Pull


Clean Pull Primer by Colby Knepp

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’ve been hammering the clean pulls more than usual the past few weeks.

The clean pull is an excellent movement to solidify optimal position and posture for the first two pulls of the clean – pulling from the floor to above the knees, and then from above the knees to the hips. As long as your positions are looking good (we’ll tell you if you aren’t), don’t be afraid to go pretty heavy for your sets of ten today.

But before you hammer these clean pulls, read through this quick primer to get the most out of today’s workout.

Set Up – The set up for the clean pull is very similar to the deadlift, but with a few minor adjustments. Let’s take a look.

  1. Feet are flat on the floor, about shoulder width apart. This should look like your jumping stance.
  2. Your grip will be just outside your thighs. With the bar touching your shins, reach down and grab the bar with a double overhand grip. So far this should look like a deadlift.
  3. This is where things change. I want you to set up with your shoulders directly above the bar. If you recall the deadlift set up, our shoulders are just in front of the bar – not with the clean pulls. You may need to drop your butt a little bit to align your shoulders correctly.
  4. Ensure your upper back stays nice and tight and your low back is flat.

First Pull – the first pull starts from the ground and ends at the top of the knees. This portion of the movement should be slow and controlled, focused on maintaining proper position and posture.

  1. Slowly extend your knees as your hips and shoulders rise together. Keep the bar very close to your body.
  2. For this portion of the movement, it’s important that your trunk angle remains the same – it should look the same as when you started the movement.

Second Pull – this is the explosive and powerful part of the clean pull. The objective here is to generate ridiculous amounts of power using your hips to create upward momentum and elevation on the barbell.

  1. As soon as the barbell clears the knees, it’s go time. Forcefully drive your heels in the ground and fully open your hips. If you did it right, the barbell should be floating. 
  2. Keeping the bar close to your body, shrug hard with your shoulders to elevate the barbell even higher.
  3. Allow the barbell to return to your hips.
  4. Reset in the starting position. 

Note – don’t try and pull with your arms. Think about using the power from your hips as your primary movers and then the strength of your upper back to shrug the weight even higher. If you pull hard enough with those two muscle groups and your elbows bend slightly, that’s alright.

There you go! A down and dirty clean pull primer.

See you in class!

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