Monday 140616

Hang clean below knee 2-2-2-2-2
Back squat 3-3-3
Clean pull 3-3-3

Post scores to BTW.

Are you a Big Monkey or a Little Monkey?

Are you a Big Monkey or a Little Monkey?

Are You a Big Monkey or a Little Monkey?

Have you ever watched YouTube videos of “a day in the life” of any of your favorite Games athletes? I have.

The one thing that strikes me as amazing is how many times a day these athletes train. It’s insane! I once watched a video of Rich Froning working out on EIGHT (8) separate occasions in one day. In ONE DAY. That’s more volume than most of us normal humans can handle in one week!

After watching these videos, I get really excited and think that I can do the same thing.

Then I’ll start hitting a morning and evening workout, and within about two or three weeks, I’m feeling pretty beat up. Then I remind myself a of few things.

  1. I don’t compete in CrossFit as a sport.
  2. I’m not going to the Games. Ever. Well, maybe as a fan. But not as an athlete.
  3. I’m not Rich Froning.

And that’s the moment I realize that my actions are out of line with my long-term goals of health and fitness. One intense, focused workout a day is plenty to achieve your health and fitness goals. Keep that in mind next time your hitting barbell club, and then feeling pretty tired, and then hitting a WOD (or visca-versa); intensity is king, and you simply CAN-NOT maintain 100% intensity and focus over the course of 2 hours, multiple days a week. Besides – it’s not the training that gets you better – its the recovery from the training that gets you better.

What does any of this have to do with being a big monkey? Check it out here: Is One Workout Per Day Enough?


  1. rob bell :

    bwahahahaha! looking for something else and stumbled on this:

  2. Jim D. :

    Great read Rob. My Favorite other than Cindy is an evil bitch.
    JLascek: I just wanted to throw in the fact that you cannot “pull yourself down” in any kind of squat unless you are moving faster than gravity will allow, and this is never the case in the presence of a significant load.

    TPrewittMD: Actually, you can’t “pull yourself down” unless your feet are literally fixed to the floor. Simply dropping the bar to the floor is faster than any squat and is the effect of gravity.

    Tuesday: I wonder why CrossFitters haven’t used this fact to improve their Fran time by fixing themselves to the floor.

    Rip: Because it slows down the pullups, you fool.

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