Monday 140630

Hang clean below knee 2-2-2-2-2
Back squat 3-3-3
Clean pull 3-3-3

Post scores to BTW.

Coach Colby using that fitness outside of the gym.

Coach Colby using that fitness outside of the gym. It’s science – mustaches make you better at sports.

RX or Scaled?

Prior to each workout, we coaches like to explain the intent of the workout, time domains, and strategies in addition to any sort of scaling or modifications that need to happen.

We do this for a reason – not every person has the ability to do every workout as prescribed every day. So the question then becomes, “Do I go Rx, or should I scale?”. Well, if you’re even questioning it, then chances are you need to scale. But that’s a conversation for another time.

William Imbo from BoxLife magazine had a great write-up about this exact same concept. Check the full article out here.

Regarding safety and proper technique, here’s a excerpt from his article that really hit home with me, as it is my job to make sure you are moving safely and effectively while still getting a good dose of intensity in your workout.

“You may have hit a muscle-up or two in practice, but if the workout calls for 10 each round, is it really smart to try and keep throwing yourself up on to those rings? Should you really be throwing that kettlebell over your head repeatedly if you can only do a few reps at good form?”

Anyways – the article is worth the read. Check it out and learn something from it – it will surely benefit your training in the long run.

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  1. Jim D :

    Sign up for the Front Range CrossFit Masters Competition (Sept 20-21) opens at 9:00 am today.

  2. Jorge :

    When will this strength cycle finally end? #ConstantlyVaried #ExceptEveryMondayandFriday

    • Matt :

      Jorge ,
      I can understand your concern with variance. The thing is, as a whole, participants in CrossFit Verve’s program have been identified as having a general deficiency in capacity in both the technical lifts at heavier loading, as well as lacking technique in these lifts as the loads get heavier. Unfortunately, the adaptations to correct these deficiencies take repetitions and time under tension. It doesn’t happen overnight, or with constant variance.

      It’s funny too. Every time we move to a 9-12 week strength cycle, people complain that the program is boring. Yet, with constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity, people complain that they feel weak and that they can’t do heavy workouts as prescribed. What don’t take from these critics? You can’t satisfy everyone all the time. Sometimes you must asses the areas that require more development and target them whether it’s fun or not. It’s work.

      Hope this makes sense… 2.5 weeks left.


  3. Allaina :

    Am I doing something wrong or are the WODs not posted on BTWB from last Friday and today?

  4. Jorge :

    Hey Matt – Thanks for the detailed response. I see your point, but this particular cycle seems unlike any other that we’ve had in the past. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember ever having two strength-specific days every single week. Also, strength days from previous cycles often ended with a brief met-con. The current structure where we just complete three lifts without some sort of cookie at the end leaves some of us feeling like we were robbed of a couple of workouts every week. This obviously wouldn’t be a problem if we could all make it to two different classes on Mon/Fri, but most of us with 9-to-5’s don’t have that luxury.

    If you’re open to suggestions for future cycles – and if we will have future cycles with two strength days per week – then maybe it would make sense to consider scheduling one of the days over the weekend so that all of the Mon-Fri Ververs don’t have to do both if they don’t want to. Or maybe we could bring back the mini met-cons. You could also consider sending out an email survey to all members to see what the majority opinion is in advance of the next cycle.

  5. Danielle :

    Just to chime in – I’m loving the strength specific days and seeing a marked improvement in both these specific lifts as well as my performance in general.

    Sometimes building strength isn’t as glamorous or flashy as banging out a metcon. However, doesn’t it make sense that once your 1rm’s go up then the Rx weights might just feel a bit lighter – in turn, improving your performance overall? I’m trusting the process, the coaches, and their extensive knowledge & experience that even though sometimes it gets boring – they are not steering us wrong, this stuff is important or else we wouldn’t be doing it. I think an email survey to members regarding programming would do everyone a disservice – that’s like a doctor sending out a survey to all his patients in order to come up with a treatment plan.

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