Monday 140707

10 rounds for time of:
3 Weighted ring dips, 45 lb.
5 Strict ring dips
7 Kipping ring dips

For a round to be counted, all 15 rings dips must be completed before resting.

Post scores to BTW.


Stop Sabotaging Your Gains by Colby Knepp

The topic of motivation interests me. More specifically, the topic of staying motivated and making continual progress in life, and in the gym (because all we really want is GAINS).

I’ve struggled with self-sabotaging my progress for as long as I can remember. For example, I would train very hard and consistently for three or four weeks at a time, making great progress, and then would TOTALLY fall off the wagon for the next two or three weeks. During these two or three weeks of “down time”, my eating habits went to crap, and I would beat myself up daily, saying things like, “You’re better than this! Get back in the gym you lazy POS!”, or “I am doomed to always be lazy and fat!” That, of course, isn’t productive behavior what so ever. Learning to eliminate this negative self-talk has been super beneficial in my life, but that wasn’t the biggest change for me.

What I eventually learned, through lots of trial and error, is that our willpower is limited. I was burning through my willpower like dollar Miller Lites on Ladies Night, and when it ran out, I was doomed.

The biggest change for me came after learning (and accepting) that our willpower is limited. That we LITERALLY only have so much willpower on a given day. Don’t believe me? Consider this:

  • Your co-workers brings in some delicious looking pastries to work. You opt out, exercising the power of your will (willpower minus 5)
  • Your boss sends you a nasty e-mail that makes you pissed! You type up an angry reply, only to not send it, again, exercising the power of your will (willpower minus 50).
  • Your buddies invite you out for beers on a Friday night, but that doesn’t really fit with your health and performance goals. You decline, exercising the power of your will (willpower minus 6).

That could be a typical Friday afternoon in your life.

By the time Friday night comes around, your tired, your willpower is null, and your hanging on for dear life. And in that moment, when you’re willpower is empty, is when the destructive behaviors begin. Bring on the Doritos, baby, because I don’t give a shit!

So, accept that your willpower is limited, and learn to strengthen your willpower through proper stress and recovery cycles, and you’ll be well on you’re way to “Gainsville”. (Get it? GAINS-ville? See what I did there?).

And, just for the record, sometimes it’s better to just eat the freaking pastry and get on with life.



  1. Scotty :

    Not sure I like your tone when you talk about dollar beers Colby

  2. Kacey :

    I love this Colby, and this pattern you’ve described is often my cycle. I’m wondering if anyone has any tips for “strengthening your willpower through proper stress and recovery cycles.” I’d be interested to know what works for y’all. Thanks!

  3. Ali :

    Hey Guys! Has the survey been sent out yet? I don’t think I ever received anything? Thanks!

  4. Rob b :

    Kacey – check out Power of Full Engagement by Loehr & Schwartz. Quick & great read on increasing capacity in various areas. It’s an area i’ve worked on quite a bit.
    At base it comes down to
    Awareness: what areas do you use (or not use willpower in)
    Own & Accept what is. Ditch judgement on it and just see what is
    Make a list of ways you can change your environment, habits/rituals to reduce choices/need for willpower. Don’t keep foods you don’t want to eat around. Pack gym vag the night before. Use Freedom or Rescuetime to limit internet access when you need to focus. Identify emotional triggers that start a chain and deal w those – no trigger => no chain.

    • Colby Knepp :

      Rob great insight. That’s the exact book that helped me bring awareness to the fact that our willpower is limited! Great read.

  5. Rob b :

    150 dips?! Who’s the lunatic?

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