Monday 140728

“Double 2’s”
For time:
Row 2000M
200 double unders
Run 2 miles

Post time to BTW.


Have fun on that 2k row today!

Rowing Primer by Colby Knepp

Most people loathe rowing.

I LOVE rowing.

Partly because it’s a pretty simple movement, but mostly because rowing is all about work. Similar to pushing a sled, rowing is a test of “How comfortable can I get being really, really uncomfortable?”.

Well, you’re starting off your week of training with a nice 2,000 meter row, followed by 200 double unders and finishing with a 2 mile run. So, in the spirit of making the row suck less, here are some quick tips to consider from William Ibo over at BoxLife Magazine. 

Click here to learn 4 tips to improve your rowing technique.

Oh – and don’t forget to breathe!

In house Oly competition is Saturday August 2nd, last day to sign up is Monday July 28th.

  • $10 per athlete, register by emailing
  • Learn the ins and outs of Oly meets at a clinic hosted by Joylyn Monday night @ 7pm, sign up on MBO

Put Saturday, August 9 on your calendar to join us for the 31 Heroes WOD at Verve.  We’ll be running heats and open to any visitors for donations to the 31 Heroes Project.  Get signed up here to get your shirt delivered to your home prior to the workout.  


  1. Kacey :

    this is awesome!!!!!!!! well played Verve, well played…

  2. Jim D. :

    I wish I had waited, did the Triple version on Saturday after coming back from the islands., it sucked.

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