Monday 140922

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
Row 300 Meters
10 Burpees over the rower
15 Kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull 24kg(16kg)

Post score to BTW.

More rowing coming your way!

More rowing coming your way!

I’ve heard it said that the biggest adaptation from CrossFit occurs in the mind. You can interpret this in any number of ways, but to me the mental adaptations go deeper than just developing the strength of pushing through the temporary pain of a WOD. I think of developing confidence and gaining the ability to change your thoughts and your emotions, thus having a better relationship with your “self”. That lasts beyond the short term pain of  a workout. That lasts for a lifetime.

Click the link below to read how CrossFit impacted the life of Jennifer Charles.

My favorite quote?

“The sport of CrossFit has brought powerful awareness to the importance of strength, nutrition and body-image. Through that awareness, I have made my own life changing choices. The next time you start to credit CrossFit with your success, just remember to give yourself some credit too.”

Read the entire article by clicking here.

*** This Thursday, September 25th, Verve is hosting approximately 40 out of town guests for a special WOD at 6:30am. The workout during this class time will be different from the posted WOD. The hour is still open to all Verve athletes, we will have additional trainers on hand for the large group. Come join in the fun bright and early.


  1. Russell :

    The mind effects are what I miss most during rehab. Can’t wait to feel them again.

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