Monday 141006

Back squat

Then, 2×20 unbroken dimmel deadlift @ 60% of 5RM back squat

Post score to BTW.

Big thanks to everyone who came out Saturday in support of the EOD 130 Foundation! Great job everyone!

Big thanks to everyone who came out Saturday in support of the EOD 130 Foundation! Great job everyone!

The First Year of CrossFit

While everyone first year doing CrossFit may be a little different, there are still some common things we hear – things like having more energy, achieving a better body composition and having more confidence in life.

It’s awesome to continually PR your Fran time, or reach a new strength milestone, but what I really love hearing about as a coach is how fitness has changed your life.

What follows are a a couple of my favorite points from an article titled “10 Things I’ve Picked Up In My First Year of CrossFit” written by Hilary Wiebe. You can read the entire article by clicking here

  • A new crowd of people to hang out with. It’s hard to do Crossfit without meeting some great people. There’s something about the shared suffering of pushing through a workout together that creates a bond. Over the past few months, time spent at the gym has spilled over into camping, dinners and nights out. And I’m finding it’s harder to get in and out of the gym quickly because I spend so much time catching up with everyone.
  • Five extra pounds. You heard that right. Despite the fact that I’ve received several compliments on how I look since starting Crossfit, I actually weigh slightly more than I did when I started (hello lean muscle). But that number doesn’t bother me like it once would have. I’m healthier now than I was in my “skinny” days, and I actually like the look of my body with a little muscle on it.
  • Coaches that know me, care about me, and want to see me succeed. I love it when my coach knows I can go harder, and pushes me to a heavier weight or higher standard. Or, on the flip side, when I’m encouraged to go lighter to keep form. I’ve put in the time to keep showing up, working hard, and asking for help, and been rewarded with coaches that are willing to invest their time in helping me achieve my goals.
  • The vision to set goals, dream big and work hard. Speaking of goals…The longer I stuck around Crossfit, the harder I worked. With all the time I was spending there, I wanted something to work for. So I talked to one of my coaches, set some goals and developed a plan to work towards them. And when I’d met most of them, we sat down to re-evaluate and plan again. Nothing is more satisfying than having a goal to work for, putting in the hard work and knowing that you made it happen. And I’ve found that goal-setting and drive has transferred outside the gym too.
  • A whole new perspective on myself. I have told myself for my whole life that I wasn’t an athlete, that I would always be the worst or the slowest. In short, letting “I can’t” define me way more than it should have. Over the past year, I have been constantly surprising myself with how many times I can. I wrapped up my first year of Crossfit by participating in my first ever team competition. I couldn’t believe how much fun I had, and my team didn’t do too badly either. Pretty good for a non-athlete, right?

You can read the entire article by clicking here

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