Monday 141103

Sumo Deadlift

3 x 12 reps (6 per leg) of single leg step ups to 20″ box @ 30% of 3 RM sumo deadlift

Post score to BTW.



3 Things CrossFit Teaches You by Tammy Luksich

1. Perseverance – There is a saying I often use that says, “Nothing worth doing is ever easy.” CrossFit is worth doing because as most of the fitness world has begun to realize, the workouts are not easy. Doing CrossFit, you’ll learn real quick what you’re made of.

2. Integrity and Character –  I can’t say enough about how the culture helps build integrity and character. You are accountable to no one, but yourself. It’s one thing to lose count on reps, it’s another to continually come up short in order to compete. It takes integrity to admit that you finished last, but completed every damn rep; it takes character to root on a fellow athlete during their struggle.

3. Discipline – Discipline is one of those principles that are among one of the toughest to champion. It’s difficult to stay the course of maintaining a clean diet and working out every day among the 1,000 other items on your to-do list. Life is an amalgamation of tasks, goals, and objectives that most often are not served on a silver platter. 

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