Monday 141110

Back Squat

3×10 (5 per leg) alternating reverse lunges with 50% of 5 RM

Post score to BTW.

Too much fun in one photo

Too much fun in one photo.

What Rocky Balboa Can Teach Us About Motivation, Dedication and Enduring The Suck

Strange title, I know.

But bear with me.

You know who I am referring to, right? Rocky Balboa?

The boxer who came from nothing, overcame everything and became the best boxer in the world? It’s a movie, of course, but it teaches some very good lessons that we can apply to our CrossFitting endeavors.

What follows below is an excerpt from an article titled “4 Motivational Lessons Rocky Balboa Can Teach You” written by Kyle Williams. Check out the full article here.

1. Get The Work Done – whatever your ambition or goal, you will never succeed unless you get the work done. Plain and simple. This is as true in CrossFit as it is in life – the work isn’t going anywhere, so you may as well pick the bar back up.

2. Never Quit – a quote from the man Rocky Balboa himself – “Going that one more round when ¬†you don’t think you can … that’s what makes all the difference in your life”. Enough said.

3. Going The Distance is More Important Than Winning Or Losing – Do you remember how great it felt to finish a workout that you didn’t think you could? When you cut down to the bare bones of why you’re doing CrossFit, is it to win every workout? Or is it to be better than you were yesterday? Winning is great, but being better than yesterday is better.

4. Persistence – I’ll let this video speak for itself.



  1. Leslie :

    Tomorrow is my 4th anniversary at Verve! I started with no prior knowledge of crossfit- other than it was cheaper than a personal trainer- and thank god! If I had looked up a WOD I would never have come to the 1st class. I was looking to get in shape but not do anything “hard”. I know now that that isn’t possible. Every class I push myself to do something hard because I know I can but also because of you all. So thank you trainers and friends- for pushing me just enough to change my life forever.

    • Joylyn :

      This post makes my heart so happy Leslie! Congrats and happy anniversary. Verve wouldn’t be the same without you!

  2. Cherie :

    Congrats Leslie! What a wonderful commitment to your health! Hugs

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