Monday 141124

Front squat

Then, max rep set hang squat clean @ 70% of 3RM FS
Rest 2 minutes
Then, max rep set hang squat clean @ 60% of 3RM FS
Rest 2 minutes
Then, max rep set hang squat clean @ 50% of 3RM FS

Post score to BTW.

Mobility is better with a friend.

Mobility is better with a friend.

How to Create a Paleo Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a time of the year to relax with friends and family, eat your face off and “watch football” (see: take a food nap/coma).

But it doesn’t have to be an all out junk food fest!

Here’s a great article on making this Thanksgiving more Paleo friendly, which means you’ll actually watch the game this year (and continue uninterrupted on your journey towards health and fitness).

Tips for Preparing a Paleo Feast

If you are preparing a paleo Thanksgiving, you can do so by combining old traditions and classic dishes with new, grain-free recipes. Simply put, paleo meals generally consist of a main course that has a protein source at its core, a few side dishes that are vegetable-centric, and possibly some appetizers or desserts that recreate some grain-free favorites.

When planning your paleo Thanksgiving, remember: timing is everything. Here are some ways to organize your time before Thanksgiving dinner:

  • A few days before the meal, start shopping for ingredients and decorations.
  • If your turkey is frozen, begin to defrost it in the refrigerator at least three days in advance.
  • Prepare the pie and set the table for guests one day ahead of time. If any dishes have multiple components, these can also be prepared at this time.
  • Depending on its size, the turkey could be placed in the oven up to five hours before dinner, while side dishes can be prepared an hour prior to meal time.

Recipes for a Paleo Feast

Side dishes are critical to the success of a good Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, the turkey is the star of the show, but having a variety of good side dishes will make the feast exponentially better. Oven-roasted green beans, cranberry relish, or a harvest salad are all classic side dishes that are already paleo.

Continue reading the full article by clicking here to get recipes for great dishes, such as:

  • Apple Veal Stuffing
  • Stuffed Turkey Rubbed with Duck Fat and Herbs
  • Paleo Pecan Pie

Enjoy your week everyone!

Be sure to check MBO as we have a modified schedule this week and weekend.

We will be doing the Everyday Warrior Workout TOMORROW so everyone who is traveling this week can get the workout in!

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