Monday 150112

3 Rounds for time:
35 Push press
50 Calorie row
25 GHD sit-ups

Post time to BTW.

Learning great habits from the start!

Learning great habits from the start!


We’ve all seen the late night infomercials selling “six pack abs”, “chiseled arms”, a “sculpted core”, or my personal favorite, the “7 minute home workout done three times a week that promises the body of a fitness model in just 21 days or your money back, guaranteed”. 

Yes, these are real things. Check them out:

With the immense success of CrossFit around the world, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before we see an infomercial selling “Matt Chan Abs” or “Rich Froning Pecs”. Just kidding. 

Yet as ridiculous as this stuff may seem, most of these companies are immensely successful (from a financial sense, anyways). 

As a coach who spends the majority of his time on the front lines of all things health and fitness, this sickens me.

So while those companies are out selling the “get fit quick solution” to the uneducated masses and making millions… I’ll be sharing the truth with those who are ready to change, and in the process I’ll be be improving the lives of millions.

There is no quick fix.

There is no magic pill.

It takes the right plan, hard work, consistency and a long-term approach.

If you already know this, then good job.

It’s now your responsibility to send this to someone who doesn’t.

 – Colby


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