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Run 1 mile
Rest 6 minutes
Run 800m
Rest 4 minutes
Run 400m

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Eric's a man of his word.  Not a bad looking shirt either.

Eric’s a man of his word. Not a bad looking shirt either.

There are a number of so called bodies of authority in the fitness industry, The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) are two examples.  With all these experts, how are we to know who we should listen to?  Our job as CrossFit trainers is to be well versed in a number of topics, from basic movement to nutrition to rehab and mobility.We do our research, put it into practice and decide what makes the cut for items that we bring to you the athletes.  

A recent CrossFit Journal recently called into the question the leadership of the fitness and exercise science communities with regard to hydration.  How much is too much.  There is such thing as too much and it’s known as hyponatremia and it can be fatal.  Hyponatremia is not common but there are cases of it that make the news.  Basically what happens is, if a person consumes too much fluid the body’s sodium levels become diluted and can lead to seizures and even death.  

The so called experts in sports medicine can’t quite agree on what is too much and how much a person should consume.  “Consume the maximal amount that can be tolerated” used to be one recommendation given out. Now the fact of the matter is, there is not correct answer, but this leads to the point that giving out false information shouldn’t be the route taken by what many people consider to be experts.  

CrossFit is making it a priority to start questioning information released by the different bodies that operate in the fitness industry.  CrossFit plans to dig deeper into topic such as hydration by bringing the leaders on the topic of hydration together and getting answers that they can in turn share with us.  

The above is referenced from a CrossFit Journal article,The End of Tolerance and can be read by clicking the title.  There are many links to studies as well as examples of hyponatremia.  It’s a short read with optional additional reading via the links to studies in the article.  Give it a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.  

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