Monday 150309

10 rounds for time of:
5 Front Squats 205#(135#)
5 Parallette handstand push-ups

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One of the kiddos helping demonstrate shoot thrus.

One of the kiddos helping demonstrate shoot thrus.

Verve has officially been under new ownership for 5 months. In that time we have made several changes, some big, some not so big. These changes were made based on the needs of Verve. We have, however, tried to keep the things that were working, working.

Most of these changes have come as a result of feedback from Verve athletes. We added new classes and programs. Our current Hotdogs and Cupcakes program has been placed on hold temporarily and, following the Open, will be replaced with another barbell series. When that program comes to an end we will again evaluate what to do with that time slot. We want to constantly bring a program of value to you, the athlete. So our question to you is, what do you want to see? Our goal in changing it to keep it constantly varied. Rather than solely focus on power lifts, maybe some of you are interested in revisiting the Olympic lifts. 

We have recently introduced yoga on Sunday mornings. What do you think? Is it amazing? Would it be more amazing if it was later in the day on Sunday

We’ve had members approach us with specialty clinics, like the Basic Self Defense Course. Do you find value in that? Our point is, we want to hear from you. In past years we have sent out an athlete survey, asking simply are we doing our job? And more importantly are we doing it well? That survey provides a certain amount of anonymity and we understand you may not be comfortable with what we are about to ask of you now but. . . . are we doing our job? And are we doing it well? What can we improve on? What would you like us to offer? How are the trainers doing? Have you seen a cool piece of equipment at another gym you think Verve needs? Anything, we want to hear from you now. Feedback is essential to our growth. If you like yoga, don’t thank us, thank yourselves, you are the ones who came to us and asked. We simply listened.  

You can share your thoughts in the comment section. If that is too public of a forum or you would like more of a dialogue or discussion about your thoughts please email me or Courtney ( Email too formal for you? You more of a face to face kind of person? Grab one of us while at the gym. If you need more than a few minutes we can always schedule time to talk. 

We can’t guarantee we can make all the changes you want but we want to hear about them anyway. Maybe we can look into them at a later time. We look forward to hearing from you guys and using your suggestions and feedback to continue to improve Verve. 


  1. Leslie :

    I would be down with a noontime sunday yoga or even a mid-week late class. I did the Yoga then Crossfit last sunday and it would be much better to reverse that. Yoga leaves me all blissed out and in need of a nap. I couldn’t make it to the second self-defense class (I know!) but the first was super informative and I am looking forward to the other 2 classes.

  2. Garrett :

    I was excited about the self defense class, until I realized I couldn’t attend due to a scheduling conflict. Maybe I was the only one with this problem, but another round of self defense on a day/days other than Sunday would be awesome. Thanks!

  3. Pottsie :

    I would be more than ready for yoga AFTER a WOD, not before.

  4. Ali :

    I miss omy class! That one was my favorite!

  5. Leah C. :

    I did my first yoga class this Sunday. Although painfully early for this night owl, I am really glad I made it in. It was a great class with some targeted poses that really helped some of those sweet spots in need of a deep stretch. I would definitely attend a yoga class that was later in the day, post-WOD so I will second Leslie’s suggestion on that.

  6. emily a. :

    I agree with the posts about a later in the day yoga class! I really am excited that Verve is offering one, and that it is taught by members. Love the combo of WOD’s and yoga. I was wondering what the staff thinks about possibly starting a youth program in conjunction with local schools? I know other Crossfit gyms do it and I would be willing to volunteer as a mentor/fundraiser whatever if there was any interest. Just putting it out there. Thanks for all your hard work, transitions can be tough.

  7. Scotty :

    I agree with everyone else about a later yoga class. Also, agree with Ali. I miss oly class. That was awesome! Thanks for all your hard work


  8. Melissa W. :

    Agreed, a later, post-WOD yoga class would be beautiful!! Thank you guys for soliciting our feedback and for all the hard work!

  9. Jen K. :

    I agree with everyone’s suggestion about a later yoga class. I’d also LOVE to see an Oly class again, and it would be amazing if one of the Oly classes would be offered on the weekend in addition to a time during the week. Barbell Club was another wonderful class, but I think an Oly-specific class would be more beneficial, especially if it included some accessory work. Thanks again for being so receptive to feedback!

  10. Mike C :

    I do miss morning BBC or Oly or HD&CC….Whatever you want to call it

  11. Joe M :

    Earlier morning weekend WODs would be handy, at least outside of ski season.

  12. Shale :

    Morning Oly was one of my favorites every Wednesday and Friday!

  13. Cynthia :

    Morning Oly would rock, also agree with a earlier weekend wod 🙂

  14. Kent Kansala :

    if we could add a Friday night bro session and get mad bicep pumps prior to going out and showing the ladies the goods Id be all for that. Just 30 min amrap 10 barbell curls, 10 db curls, and 10 miscellaneous curl action!

  15. Shaina :

    A competition oly bar. A lifting platform. An incline bench. One of those harnesses to practice muscle up transitions. And a trap bar….Since you asked.

  16. Pottsie :

    More chick bars for those of us with dainty hands. Oh and a gross of chalk. And some blueberry Rx bars.

  17. Charles :

    I know i am late to this but i was out of the country on vacation and not thinking about crossfit. Anywho, my suggestion: would it kill Verve to get a few god damn fans in there for Summer? I fully understand the realities of AC for such a large amount of air..fine, but there are a number of us (me!) who regardless of hydration schemes just fall to pieces in stifling heat. Last Summer was several difficult months for me in class.

    Also, basketball rim, make it happen!

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