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Picking heavy things up, fun for everyone

Picking heavy things up, fun for everyone

We recently received our latest shipment of Box Life magazine.  If you read the cover you’ll notice that one of the articles features Cherie Chan.  Cherie gives her top lessons on becoming a better coach and becoming a better athlete.  Pick up a copy today, they are right up front.  For those of you that visit our site from other places, here are a few of the highlights from the article.

Pain is Necessary.  Pain is necessary for progress.  You have to go to that dark place as often as you can.  Getting better isn’t about the volume of training but the quality and intensity of each session.  

Mechanics are Essential.  You should be working to quality movement.  If you throw mechanics aside to get a better time or better score you’re doing yourself a disservice in your overall fitness journey.  Slowing down can suck, but it’s a way to improve your performance and mitigate risk. 

Don’t Turn Every Workout Into a Competition.  This is great advice and sometimes really tough to advice to listen to.  No athletes compete 5 or 6 times a week for 52 weeks.  If you try to, this will be a sure fire way to burn yourself out mentally and physically.  

CrossFit Programming is Equal Parts Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Monostructural Movements.  Always focusing on one aspect is going to mean something has to give.  With our programming we try to mix and match so that we produce the most well rounded fitness freaks in the world.  

Keep a Logbook.  We talk about how the proof of our fitness levels is in the data.  Well if you don’t know what you were able to do the last time because you didn’t write your results down, how are you going to know?  Unless you have a ridiculous memory, write it down, or log it on Beyond the Whiteboard.  

There are many more great tips and advice in the article that everyone should read and understand.  Grab a copy and give the article a full read.  

Remember to submit your 15.3 score by this evening too.  If you are trying out for the Regional Team, make sure to put your score card in the green folder by the office after you do Tuesdays workout.  Too many of the score cards were missing last week.  

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