Monday 150330

For time:
100 burpee pull-ups

Ideally, the pull-up bar is 1 foot above your reach.

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Deep in the pain cave!

Deep in the pain cave!


Well the 2015 Open is finished.  I for one am happy that it is.  What did you guys think?  There are a few things about the Open that are great.

A few observations from the past 5 weeks of the Open.

The Open brings out the best of CrossFit.  Everyone cheering each other on, staying after their class has ended to show encouragement to others as they power through the workouts.  The Saturday and Sunday re-do’s generated a ton of energy even if there weren’t as many people as a traditional class.  

With this years scaled option it made sure that everyone could participate and post scores.  In the past years there was only one workout, but with the scaled option this year, it presented everyone the opportunity to participate and post scores.  

The leaderboard.  I don’t know how much traffic the Games website receives but it clearly receives a bump in volume this time of year.

The Thursday announcement, for a few reasons.  I love seeing the elite take on a workout, then giving it a go ourselves to really understand how good the top athletes are.  I also the actual show on Thursday evening.  Gathering around the TV to watch the announcement and then see people start to strategist is always entertaining.  

The workouts.  Some of them are innocent looking enough but once you finish them you understand why they are the Open workouts.  Rowing and Thrusters, sounds easy enough but boy was it anything but.  

Well 2015 is over.  Now we wait and see how the leaderboard shakes out and look forward to next year and do it all over again.  

If you found anything interesting or have any insights you’d like to share, post to comments.



  1. Anna :

    The Sunday Open re-do’s were quite fun!! Great group of people, some even came in specifically to watch. I will kind of miss them.
    I hope everyone who chose not to sign up this year, had a great time and may sign up next year:)

  2. Dangoia :

    Anna – if you want to still workout on Sundays I will be there to hold a clipboard and judge you harshly – because… I’m a good friend like that.

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