Monday 150427

Split Jerk
Push up ladder not to exceed 15 minutes
2 in first minute
4 in second minute
6 in third minute
increase by 2 reps each minute(must be unbroken)
when failure is reached rest a minute and work backwards in remaining time.

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With the weather starting to get consistently more bearable each day, we have have the option of spending a lot more time outside and working on our fitness and health while also catching some much needed vitamin D.  Sprint training is a great tool that we can use and the best part about it is, it doesn’t take a lot of time to experience the benefits of speed training.  The men in the video above certainly know the benefits to sprint training.  

Not many of us can run a four minute mile.  If we tried to run at a four minute mile pace, our legs would soon start to fill like bags of sand due to the lactate buildup that would occur from trying to run that fast for that long.  We may never be able to keep that pace for an entire 4 minute stretch, but one way to achieve similar results would be to use sprint training intervals.  

An example would be a 4 minute mile pace for 15 second intervals with 30 seconds of rest between.  If we were able to perform 16 sprint intervals, we would cover the 1 mile distance.  This still seems difficult but with some training this could be achieved a lot sooner than the ability to hold a 4 minute mile pace.  This type of sprint training has been found to be the most effective way to lose body fat and get in shape. 

This type of exercise sequence will allow you to get maximum amount of intensity in while limiting the amount of pain and recovery time.  Research has shown that everyone from the elderly to the top athletes in sport can benefit from sprint interval training.  

The Poliquin Group wrote an article on how to get the most benefits from a sprint interval session no matter what your fitness goals are.  Please click HERE to read the article and understand how to better take advantage of your sprint work.  Remember these types of workouts can be done on the rower, assault bike, pushing a prowler, or simply running.  If you are ever looking for some type of workout to do during open gym consider a sprint interval session.

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