Monday 150720

Bench Press
10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2

then 3 x max effort bench press @ 50% of 2 rep
rest 3 minutes between efforts

Post weight to BTWB.


About once a month we close the gym to host a seminar for CrossFit HQ.  Whether it’s the Level 1, Level 2, or CrossFit Football, it typically requires us to shut the doors for the better part of the weekend.  We try and make sure to offer an early morning class before the seminars begin to make sure that we do have an option for those of you don’t mind getting up early on the weekends.  We take pride in knowing that we offer at least one class 365 days a year. 

The main reasons we always say yes to hosting these seminars is because it provides our coaches an opportunity to get some extra education in a specific type of specialty.  More importantly it allows Verve to send it’s members to the Level 1 trainer course at no cost to the member.  We receive scholarship spots when we host the seminars and we like to use these spots to send our members that have an interest in taking their knowledge in CrossFit to the next level. Many of you have already been to the course, and many of you have submitted your essays for consideration for upcoming seminars.

So what am I getting at?  We have a seminar coming up at the end of August and in addition to running our normal before the seminar starts class, we are thinking about renting out a paddleboard company for the Sunday of the seminar.  Nothing is definite but we wanted to get an idea of the level of interest if we were to move forward with the option.  I’m going to set out a sign up sheet at the front of the gym and if you’re interested, please sign up.  The cost to the members would likely be $5 for the hour.  We’ll cap it to around 30 people.  We would have two hours (8 am – 10 am) on the water with just us.  Details about the location are below.  

Sign up sheet will be out front by the O2X sign up sheet sometime this week.  The location is in Evergreen and all equipment will be provided including a 5 minute lesson if you’ve never been on one before.  Click HERE for the website to see photos and the exact location.  Sign up if interested.  Again this isn’t until the end of August but we need to let the facility in Evergreen know ahead of time.  


  1. Kacey :

    This is awesome!!!!!!

  2. Guy :

    Great idea! Depending on the date, I can come with my paddle board (and maybe a few extras) so there would be more options for equipment.

  3. Kimberly :

    Sean and I are 80% down. If you could do it at 10-12 we would be 100% down. We like that there are seminars and stuff at Verve, but we hate that there is usually only 1 wod and it’s always hella early for the weekend.

    • CrossFit Verve :

      We wanted to make sure that it was only Verve so we would have to do it before they open to the public, which is at 10 am.

  4. Kacey :


  5. Dangoia :

    I’m down for this, sounds like a blast!

  6. Charles :

    sounds great..what are the odds that a non verve member could be eligible for a fee, say my lovely girlfriend?

  7. Pottsie :

    Sounds awesome!

  8. Anna :

    So excited!! Handstand contest anyone??

  9. Kimberly :

    Eeks I forgot to sign myself and Sean up, but we are in!

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