Monday 150727

10 Minutes to establish a 1 rep max of:
Shoulder press
10 Minutes to establish a 1 rep max of:
Push press
10 Minutes to establish a 1 rep max of:
Push jerk
*Score is total for all 3 lifts combined

Post totals to BTWB.

Walter busting out some dumbbell snatches.

Walter busting out some dumbbell snatches.

Hot Dogs and Cupcakes Update

I’m sure plenty of you are wondering what we are going to do next now that we’ve wrapped up the first phase of Hot Dogs and Cupcakes.  Move on to the second phase of course.  Starting tonight we will continue with HD and CC just as it has been for the past 4 weeks.  Remember that it’s a strength program so volume is key.  Make sure you are watching the amount of WOD’s you add in.  Reference the previous post on HD & CC if you have questions about what you should be doing and when.  

So what’s in store for the next few weeks?  The past phase focused on using percentages and staying true to a send off clock, well the next few weeks will be a little different.  There will still be a lot of work but rather than use percentages and send off clocks, we are going to be working with max efforts, chains and bands, and plenty of accessory work.

Tonight we are starting with box squats.  Here’s the thing about box squats, if you can’t get up from the bottom of a box squat, DON’T PANIC.  Stay calm and simply relax on the box while your lifting partners and coaches help you lift the bar back up to the rack.  Dumping a bar while box squatting means the end of the bar you are using as it will hit the box and bend and then become unusable.  If you think you are getting close to a weight that is questionable for you, ask for spotters.  We are going to be box squatting for the next few weeks so please remember what you just read and what your coaches tell you.  

There will also be a lot of speed work that requires the use of bands and chains.  The reason for the chains and bands is to add resistance the further up the barbell moves.  This provides resistance to help us pull and press through the sticking points.  If you’ve never used bands or chains don’t worry, the coaches will take you through the set up and execution.

When this cycle of Hot Dogs is finished we will take a week off that is designed to be a de-load week for you.  This de-load week is designed to allow your body to recover from the past 8 weeks of heavy lifting.  We’ll talk about this in more detail once we get to the end of HD and CC.  

Should be a good couple of weeks coming your way.  Please ask questions if you have them and remember don’t panic on the box squats


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