Monday 150817

Every 2 minutes on the 2 minutes x 7 rounds:
1 Shoulder press

*Add weight each round

Then, 3 rounds for max reps:
:30 Handstand hold followed immediately by max rep set of handstand push-ups
Rest 2 minutes

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Thanks to everyone that came out for the O2X Summit Race this past weekend.  Really good time and a lot more difficult than anticipated.  For those that couldn’t make it this year, the O2X team is already planning next years challenge so we’ll keep you updated.  It was a really good test and was fun to get outside and use some of our fitness.  

I enjoyed the above video.  I sometimes forget to eat or simply don’t have time so when I watched the above video I found it informative on what happens to our bodies when we don’t consume food for extended lengths of time.  

Reminder that we are starting a de-load week for Hot Dogs and Cupcakes.  We will have new programming for this weeks 5 PM specialty hour but plan on giving the bodies a chance to recover this week.

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