Monday 150907

For time:
30 Handstand push-ups
40 Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings 24kg(16kg)
60 Ab mat sit-ups
70 Burpees

Post time to BTWB

The CrossFit Team Series starts this week.  If you’re interested in putting together a team, you have until Sept 8th to register your team.  Big time athletes partner up to for this Team series.  Check out the video above for some more information and ask a trainer if you have any questions.  If you would like to compete but don’t have a team, use the comments section and perhaps we can help.

Reminder that we are having an abridged schedule today.  We will still have two open gym sessions for those of you that want to come in and do your own thing or make sure you are able to do Verve Weightlifting for today.

Here are the classes we have available today:

10:00 Open Gym
1:30 Open Gym
Close at 3:00



  1. Walter :

    If any one needs a male for scaled team series. I would like to join

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