Monday 151019

Push Jerk

Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes
5 Push Jerks @ 50% of 1 rep max
5 Burpees over the bar

Post weight to BTWB

Sean getting his first muscle up during Friday's workout!

Sean getting his first muscle up during Friday’s workout!

Our good friend Matt Chan in conjunction with his good friend Eric O’Connor have a new program that recently came online for CrossFitters looking for an edge when it comes to competition training.  Check out his new website and blog HERE.  This is the exact program we will be using for the CrossFit Verve Competitors programming which begins this evening.

Matt and Eric address the topic of quality vs. quantity when it comes to training.  Below is their take on the subject, which I agree with completely.  Read below and let us know your thoughts on the subject.  If you have a thought on the subject that you think would be beneficial for the Verve blog readers, post away in the comments section.

There is a common trend going around these days with CrossFit Competitors unnecessarily doing several workouts a day

The mindset that more is better can make sense…… if I’m seeing improvements with my current training volume, then more must be better right? What we typically see as a result of this type of high volume training is that people rush to get through a training session and do not do any part of it well.

Feeling consistently beat down, as well as developing pain and chronic overuse injuries are common results of trying to do too much.

We’ve fallen into this trap too. Don’t be mistaken, at times throughout the year, higher volume training is necessary and the amount of volume is largely dependent upon the individuals ability level, goals, age, and lifestyle outside of the gym.

For most of us, we need to create the mindset that doing less is better. If you are not able to put forth a great effort with each part of your training session then what good is it really doing you?

Competitors Class starts this evening.  If you’ve been in contact with us about the requirements for participation please remember to sign up for class via MBO.

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