Monday 151102

10 minutes at each station to find your 2 rep max of:
Weighted pull- ups
Weighted dip on p-bars
Weighted push – up
Compare to 6/15/2015

Post weights to BTWB


Mobility never looked so good.

Mobility never looked so good.


Pretty interesting article from The New York Times about the effects of cutting back sugar in diets of obese children. We all know that sugar has negative effects on health, but for some time there has been a debate in the health community if sugar itself was harming or was it the weight gain that comes from sugar that results in negative effects.

In this latest study, researches took out the high in sugar foods and replaced them with other carbohydrates so the subjects weight and caloric intake remained the same.  After just 10 days, the children in the study showed improved heath markers while losing little to no weight.  The subjects in the study had been receiving about 27 percent of their daily calories from sugar.  In comparison the average American receives about 15 percent of their caloric intake from sugar.  Children typically have a higher sugar intake percentage due to sugary drinks.  

In just a 10 day period, although their weight didn’t change, there were changes to other health markers; “LDL cholesterol, the kind implicated in heart disease, fell by 10 points. Their diastolic blood pressure fell five points. Their triglycerides, a type of fat that travels in the blood and contributes to heart disease, dropped 33 points. And their fasting blood sugar and insulin levels – indicators of their diabetes risk – likewise markedly improved.”

Though the study was small the researchers are encouraged by the findings and are looking to expand on the information.  For the entire article click HERE.  The article also features links to the study.  


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