Monday 151116

5 Rounds not for time
Max reps bodyweight bench press
Max reps strict pull ups
Rest 3 minutes between rounds

Post total reps to BTWB

Greg finishing up his first marathon.

Greg finishing up his first marathon.

We love to give shout outs to our athletes that take their fitness outside of the gym.  For anyone that comes to the 12:30 class you know that we’ve been giving Greg a hard time because he completed his first marathon about 2 months ago and still says he’s still recovering from it, but in all honesty it’s an amazing accomplishment.  I asked Greg to provide some details about his training leading up to the marathon and this is what he sent me:

I’ve included my training regimen in case you were going to make a point of how the programming at Verve prepares you for anything.

Training details:
Only 37 total training miles and all in the month leading up to the marathon (a 10, 12, and 15 mile run). Other than that I had never run more than five miles at a time. All training runs were followed by beer.
Verve 3-5 days a week for the programmed WOD ( I likely skipped all WODs involving double unders, deadlifts, thrusters and wall balls for no other reason than disliking those movements)
Coed softball and beer once a week
Spent a month growing out my mustache and finding the perfect short shorts to dress like Steve Prefontaine which provided many intangible benefits.
Then I drummed up a lot of unnecessary drama in my life leading up to the race so I would have lots to think about while running.

Clearly the last part was true as you can tell by the look on his face, he’s deep in thought.  I’ve never run a marathon but I’ve heard the last 6 miles take a great deal of mental fortitude equal to anything we put ourselves through inside the gym. Congrats to you Greg and let us know when you’re fully recovered.




  1. Courtney :

    That is a nightly powerful mustache. . . I’m certain it’s what got you through the race in “the area code of New Mexico” amount of time.


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