Monday 151228

Work up to 60% of your 1 rep max shoulder press

10 x 10 reps @ 60% rest 90 seconds between efforts

This will be done for 3 weeks. Add 5# the next week if all
10 sets were successful. If not stay at 60% until all 10 sets are completed unbroken

Post weights to BTWB

Worlds fastest box jump over team.

Worlds fastest box jump over team.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  We had a really good turnout for the 12 days of Christmas workout on Thursday so hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves after taking on one devastating workout.

As you can see from the workout description above, we are going to be trying something new for the next three weeks and potentially as long as 6 weeks.  We are going to be adding some raw strength by using a variation of what’s known as “German Volume Training.”  The basic premise is you start with 60 % of your 1 rep max for a particular lift, we will focus on shoulder press on Monday and Back Squat on Thursday.  

10 sets of 10 will be performed at the 60 percent mark with the goal of completing all 10 sets unbroken.  Rest will be timed so to make sure that the stimulus stays high during the 10 rounds of work.  If you are able to complete all 10 sets unbroken then weight will be added to your lifts next week.  True German Volume training utilizes tempos for the lifts but we are going to simply focus on the volume piece to help build overall strength.

Monday and Thursday for the next three weeks will look very similar.  The idea is to help us build strength that will translate over to our metabolic conditioning workouts.  Being able to squat a few more reps or have shoulders that last a few more reps will benefit your overall fitness level.  

At the bottom of the blog are a couple links if you’d like to read more about the true volume training that we will be basing our program on. Again we are just taking the rep schemes, percentages, and rest intervals for our volume training but the actual program has a few additional variables in play.  Read the below links for more in depth description of the ins and outs of the training methodology.   

German Volume Training

German Volume Training Explained


  1. Shorty Jen :

    The cumulative fatigue last night felt amazing (and, fortunately for me, I was still able to wash my hair today). I LOVE German Volume Training, so thanks for incorporating this into our programming!

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