Four rounds for time:

15 Deadlifts, 1/2 BW

15 Hang power Cleans, 1/2 BW

15 Front squats, 1/2 BW

50 Double unders

Post time to comments.


Shelby looking strong during the team WOD with Tiffany.

There is going to be some stiff competition for the Paleo Challenge, 15 members have already signed up and we are sure a few more will follow.  We will be holding another informal discussion on Wednesday at 8:30pm, for those unable to make Sunday.  If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask.  We encourage you to bring your significant other, so that the whole family is on board.

Eat NONE of the following:Grains – including bread, pasta, noodles, beans, potatoes, dairy (excluding eggs), sugar, and salt.

Eat ALL of the following: Meat, chicken and fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables – including lots of avocado, nuts (excluding peanuts or cashews), spices… lots of spices, and berries – they deserve a category all their own.

Rules to the Paleo Challenge:

  • Starts on March 7th and ends on April 25th.
  • You must have a before and an after photo taken to participate.
  • You must log all of your food intake for the entire 7 weeks.
  • You must fill out an entry form to participate.
  • Your entry form and photo need to be on or before the 7th of March.
  • Winners will be announced on the week following April 25th.
  • Judges will be from other CF affiliates.


  • 1st place 
    • 2 months free at the Verve, a $50 gift certificate at the grocery store of their choice and a new t-shirt.  
  • 2nd place
    •  1 month free at the Verve, a $50 gift certificate at the grocery store of their choice and a new t-shirt.
  • 3rd place
    •  A $50 gift certificate at a grocery store of their choice and a new t-shirt.

Please post thoughts, recipes, links and how the hell you're doing on paleo to the comments.


  1. tiff :

    seems to me that adding paleo concepts into the zone will be…well, pretty easy. i think it actually SIMPLIFIES my diet a lot. takes a lot of the brain work out of it…;). i’ve just finished making my day’s worth of food for today. i’m thinking that with the reduced carb blocks (for weight loss), i’m finding it a lot more manageable to actually eat all my food (there is a LOT of mass to a veggie carb block!!!) feels really weird to pack up as many fat blocks as i did tho.
    question for anyone who went to the nutrition seminar…what is the thinking behind replacing one carb block with three fat? just wondering, as it seems like a lot of calories…does that matter?
    just had the most delicious breakfast of sauteed red peppers, onions, scrambled eggs and walnuts. everyday, i’m shocked by how amazing food tastes when you strip away all the junk/condiments/salt/sugar we generally dump on top of everything!!!
    p.s. the WOD looks amazing….can’t wait!

  2. cherie :

    Tiffany – I agree with the ease and I feel better with the stuff going in my mouth. Here is the carb question.
    There are 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate, 7 calories per gram of fat and 4 calories per gram of protien. If you eliminate a carb block on the zone that’s 9gms or 36 calories. By adding in 3 blocks of fat you are adding 31.5 calories slightly less then the carbs origanal count. Fat does not release insulin the storer of extra calories into fat. Thereby facilitating a faster metabolism.

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    Doug, you are the best partner ever!!! Thanks for picking up when I could not go any further.
    Joylyn, I would love the recipe for the sauce that starts with a “C”. It is delicious!

  4. Tiff :

    thanks Cherie!!!!
    way to be super tough, Shelby!!!! fun fun WOD yesterday

  5. Joylyn :

    Just got back from my hydrostatic body fat test, and I’ve lost 4% in the 18months since last done. All honesty, I think I had gained some more before I came to CFV, so I’m sure I lost even more. I was crossfitting before, but had not made my nutrition priority before now. I appreciate both how Cherie and Matt make it a priority, as well as the entire support system at the box with all of you. I am so excited to see more incredible body changes with all of us!
    Amy, I’m gonna make some more chimichurri, without the red wine vinegar and teaspoon of sugar. If it works ok, I’ll post the recipe for us all, I think it should.
    Cherie–horseradish is a freebie right? pls say yes. It’s a super yummy sauce for cumin/pepper flank steak.
    WOD today (75#) as rx’d was 31:04. Double Unders, you are my arch nemesis! (along with handstand pushups of course) Argghhh!

  6. 10:25 as rx’d (100#)
    Anyone that attended the 1st Paleo Challenge Clinic is welcome to join us again on Wednesday at 8:30pm. If you have any additional questions or concerns, that would be a fantastic opportunity to voice them before the start of the challenge.

  7. James :

    WOD:Forever, sub 5 singles for each double under, 115#.

  8. Jeff :

    23:04 65# and did singles instead.

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