Monday 160229

21-15-9 Reps for time:
Deadlift, 225#(155#)
Toes to bar

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We should have our ropes up in the next few days in case they put them in next weeks Open workout. That won’t happen!


Wanted to thank everyone that helped us move last week.  I know Courtney thanked everyone in her post from last Thursday, but I too wanted to thank everyone as well.  To think that we were able to move an entire gym in one day and be able to run classes the following day was only possible because of the people that volunteered.  

We are still organizing the new space and figuring out the new layout and the bathrooms so thanks for everyone patience.  We will continue to move things around and figure out what provides the best athlete experience so stay with us as this all continues.

How did everyone enjoy the first Open workout?  Glad we had a bigger space to perform this workout.  I can only image how smaller gyms had to accommodate the workout.  

Now the important part about the Open.  You must submit your own scores through the CrossFit Games website.  We DO NOT submit your scores for you.  Once you’ve submitted your score we then go in and double check your score card and if everything matches, we validate your score.  If there is a discrepancy we will reach out to you and let you know what it is.  The deadline for submission is tonight at 6 PM. Do not try and submit it after 6 PM and in fact don’t wait to the last minute in case something goes wrong.  

We will continue this little fiasco on Friday’s for the next 4 weeks.  We will also be following until the Open ends.  Now that we have all our equipment under one roof we shouldn’t have any trouble following their programming.  We will still make adjustments to workouts if we see the need to but for the most part the mainsite programming will be ours for the next 4 weeks.  


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