Monday 160307


Then, every minute on the minute x 5 rounds:
5 Hang cluster @ 50% of 1RM
5 Lateral barbell jumps

Post weights to BTWB

I'm gonna leave the caption to you fine folks.

I’m gonna leave the caption to you fine folks.

Most of you probably already figured this by now, but the handsome devil you see in the picture is now a full time member of the Verve training staff.  Not only does he contribute some of the best photos the blog has seen, but he’s a tremendous resource on all things CrossFit including accessory work and how to program for athletes with injuries.  

A long time ago, actually it was just this past summer, Paul was a great athlete.  His team, which he was the captain of, took 2nd at the CrossFit Games.  What the future holds for him nobody really knows.  He is rehabbing a few ailments of his own and is proof that injuries are just a bump in the road.  I kid him about being washed up but I think we can all agree that his Instagram page is evidence that he’s working his way back to be a top Regional athlete.  He also has tremendous taste in music.  Basically he likes all the same angsty music that I do.  No matter how many times he says it though, we are not cousins.  

We have some plans in store for Paul at Verve regarding some new program offerings but since we are still trying to figure out where everything goes in the gym, we’ll hold off on getting into details about those programs.  

If you have an injury and you’re not quite sure what you should do, making a PT session with Paul would be a great starting point.  He reads voraciously on all subjects concerning body movement and should definitely be a resource should you have any questions about how to continue working out while dealing with some injuries.  He also like coloring books.  Okay that last part I made up, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.  

We are glad you are here Paul and look forward to many more amazing photos.  


  1. Ali :

    So glad to have you with The Verve family Paul!!

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