Monday 160321

42 Medicine ball cleans 20#(14#)
30 Burpees
30 Medicine ball cleans 20#(14#)
20 Burpees
18 Medicine ball cleans 20#(14#)
10 Burpees

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Margot and Dana working through a few partner burpees...Today you do them all by yourself.

Margot and Dana working through a few partner burpees…Today you do them all by yourself. Also that is how you are supposed to jump in a burpee. Good job Margot!

Four down, one to go.  This years Open has been a really great experience for Verve.  It was a little nerve racking at first, trying to move a gym a few days before the Open started, but now it seems like we have it dialed in.  The workouts have all been a test both mentally and physically and the atmosphere at the gym has been amazing on Fridays and Sundays for the re-do.

Speaking of the workouts, we’ve seen some new movements this year, but we’ve yet to see a repeat workout from years past.  Any guesses on what next weeks workout will be?  I’m guessing thrusters and burpee box jumps and maybe a 1 rep lift after.  I haven’t been close with any of my other predictions and hopefully I’m not right on this prediction.

Next week we are going to host our own version of Friday Night Lights.  Kill Cliff, and our member Josh Haskins, are going to help us celebrate week 5 and then end of the 2016 Open in grand fashion.  We are encouraging all who can attend to come by on Friday night for the PM classes.  If you are a morning workout person, we hope you can come back in the afternoon for the PM classes.  Come support your fellow members as they wrap up their 2016 Open experience and join in the festivities.

We’ll post some additional details as we get them so stay tuned to the blog in the coming days.

We are also planning an additional celebration over the weekend of April 2nd.  We are going to do some grilling and hopefully enjoy a few adult beverages.  We’ll break out some games so we can keep the competitive spirit going. More details including the time will be provided as we get closer, but plan on spending Saturday afternoon, April 2nd, with your friends from Verve.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us!

Great job so far and here’s to one more Open workout and a couple of celebrations coming soon.

If you have any highlights from your Open experience please share them in the comments.  I personally have enjoyed watching our members push each other with amazing enthusiasm.  Staying around to cheer on your friends while they put themselves through some brutal workouts is what makes our gym and CrossFit in general unlike any other workout experience.


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