Monday 160328

Front Squats

Then 3 rounds for quality:
10 Alternating front rack lunges @ 40% of todays heaviest 1 rep

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Lev + 1 crushing 16.5.

Lev + 1 crushing 16.5.

Well the 2016 CrossFit Open is now in the books.  Our first in our new space and I for one really enjoyed Friday’s around here for the past 5 weeks.  I’m not going to lie, the 5:30 am class was sometimes like a bad dress rehearsal but the 5:30 am members know what to expect and always help make an otherwise stressful situation a little less, so cheers to you guys.  Thanks to Ali for getting everyone buzzed up this past Friday morning as well.  

The PM classes had great energy and a strong sense of community.  Always great to see others stick around and cheer on your friends while they are painfully working through some pretty grueling workouts.  Big thanks to Kill Cliff and Josh Haskins for coming by this past Friday night loading us up with some Kill Cliff and Kill Cliff gear as well making our beverages a little more adult.  An adult beverage was much needed after Open workout 5 too so the timing was perfect.

Reminder that we are celebrating the end of the Open this coming Saturday, April 2nd.  We will have the grille going as well as some different games for people to play.  If you have any type of BBQ game that we could borrow for the afternoon, please feel free to bring in by.  I know we need some corn hole boards and bags so if you have those lying around your garage please bring them.  We are to start at 12:00 PM but we are still planning on having open gym from 12 – 1:30.  

The 7 PM Friday class will be going away again until next years Open.  We will be bringing back Yoga on Sundays so stay tuned to MBO and the blog for updates on when classes will be starting up again.  We are also going to be introducing some new classes to the Verve offerings.  In the next few days we’ll start rolling out some information about our first new class, Verve Sprint.  We are still working out the details but should have some information for you in the near future.  

We will no longer be following Mainsite for programming.  We are going back to in house programming, so it will be nice to know what the workout is ahead of time versus having to wait until 6 PM.  

Thanks again for a great Open season and please feel free to post any memories or comments to the comments section.   

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