Monday 160404

Overhead Squat

Take 50% of 3 rep max overhead squat and perform:
3 x 1 minute overhead hold in wide grip.

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A little mobility before Fridays cleans. It may look strange but it was effective.

A little mobility before Fridays cleans. It may look strange but it was effective.


Finally April is upon us.  Hopefully any late snow storms stay in the mountains from here forward.  Thanks to everyone that came to our little party on Saturday and thanks to everyone that brought some goodies for us all to enjoy.  Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to enjoy a few rays in the alley.  Everyone seemed to have a good time so we’ll be sure and do that type of thing more often.

Now that it is April, we have a few things coming up that you should be aware.  The Verve Sprint class will begin on April 18th.  Please reference last Tuesdays blog for all the information regarding Sprint.  The class isn’t only for Verve members so if you have friends or family that might be interested be sure and forward them the information or have them email Verve and we’ll be happy to answer any questions they may have.  

Verve Sprint will be taking the place of our current Skilz offering but until we begin Sprint classes, we will still offer Skilz at 6 pm.  Check MBO for any additional schedule changes, but we’ll be sure and use the blog to update you as well.  

April 16th and 17th we will have morning classes at 7 am only.  The rest of the day we will be closed for a Level 1 seminar.  Speaking of early Saturday classes, many of you have asked for earlier classes so we are going to move our Saturday schedule up by 1 hour starting the following Saturday, April 23rd.  First class will be at 8 am and classes will start on the hour at 9 am and 10 am, with Open gym starting at 11 am and and ending at 12:30.  As we said we’ll stick to this new schedule as long as attendance warrants it.  

The weather looks good for the upcoming week and I for one haven’t been running all that much so it will be nice to take advantage of the warmer weather and start running again.  We had a great turnout for Saturday’s running workout and you can be sure that I’ve planned at least one more workout with running it for the upcoming week.  

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