Monday 160425

Take 20 minutes to establish a heavy complex of:
1 Deadlift + 1 hang clean + 1 front squat

Then, every minute on the minute x 7 minutes:
3 Hang clean @ 65% of heaviest complex

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Pete doing his own version of a sled pull. (sled not pictured, but it was heavy!)

Pete doing his own version of a sled pull. (sled not pictured, but it was heavy!)

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  The Flea was a bit chaotic but it was pretty cool to see so many people walking around RiNo as well as all the local vendors selling their different products.

This is your final week to try out Sprint classes.  If you are interested in Sprint, and based on the attendance, many of your are be sure and email us to add it to your membership or if you only want Sprint make sure and let us know so we can make the necessary changes to your membership  For non Verve members that have an interest in Sprint make sure you have them come in this week and try a class and if interested in signing up, have them schedule their one hour assessment to get started in May.

As of today, you can start signing up your team for this coming Saturday’s in house competition to benefit Emily and her trip to Regionals in Dallas.  If  you’re interested in doing the competition but don’t have enough people for your team, be sure and post to comments or on the Verve Facebook page.  There should be enough people to help make the teams even out.  We are going to have 3 workouts over the course of the morning and early afternoon.  Donation amount is $10 per person or $40 per team.  If you are only available for the early workout, you can always line up an alternate person or persons to jump in for the later workouts.  Donations have to be in cash or by check as we won’t be able to charge your accounts.  

The 1st workout for the competition on Saturday is:

In relay fashion, each team member will complete the following before next team member may go. Time ends when all 4 team members have finished or the 14 minute time cap is hit. Order must be F, F, M, M. 
Option A
9-6-3 Reps of:
Hand stand push-ups
Hang power clean, 135#(95#)
Bar facing burpees
Or team may choose, 
Option B
9-6-3 Reps of:
:10 Handstand hold, hand release push-ups
Hang power clean, 115#(75#)
Bar facing burpees
We will release the next two workouts in the coming days.  Start getting your teams ready!


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