Monday 160502

Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy complex of:
1 Power snatch + 1 hang power snatch

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
2 Hang power snatch at 70% of heaviest complex +
10 Double Unders

Post weights to BTWB

Don't try and take a photo while Paul is around or this is the result.

Don’t try and take a photo while Paul is around or this is the result.

Thank you to everyone that competed, donated, and came by to watch on Saturday for the Team up for Emily fundraiser.  I heard from more than a few people that this was their first experience competing so hopefully everyone had a great experience.  Team competitions are so fun so be sure and keep your eye out for some local competitions if you enjoyed participating Saturday.  If you know of any competitions coming up, be sure and post to comments anytime you hear about one.  There are also a ton of resources online for local competitions so be sure and spread that information too.  

Speaking of competitions, there is an online competition that everyone should get involved with, The Everyday Warrior Team Battle Series.  As we’ve talked about in previous posts, we will be performing these workouts on Saturdays staring on June 4th and continuing for 4 weeks.  This cause is very near to us at Verve so please consider being part of it.  Here are the details:

The Team Battle Series is a winner-take-all, four-week, online workout and fundraising competition for teams of two — two men or two women. Teams will complete one workout per week beginning Monday, May 30th. Money raised through the Team Battle Series goes directly to individuals in the CrossFit community currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

2 people per team
2 males or 2 females
The team must be registered prior to June 6, 2016 (first week score submission deadline)
Competition Fee: $90 per team or $120 includes a shirt for each athlete. Don’t want the shirt? opt to donate the $30 back to the cause.

Nope! We have RX, Scaled and Masters divisions this year!
Movements/weights will be consistent with the 2016 CrossFit Open.
Masters division will follow the Masters 40-54 movement standards.
We will have more information once registration is live.
We will give away prizes to the team that raises the most money along with some serious swag to the winners of each division.

Get signed up HERE

Zink and I are signed up and we’re taking any and all bets!  Bring it!

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