Monday 160815

5 Rounds for time:
200m weighted run, 20#(14#)
10 Power clean, 115#(75#)
10 Box jumps, 24″(20″)

Post Results to BTWB

Big congratulations goes to Courtney Shepherd and DIona Gouker for completing a 2.4 Mile and 1.2 Mile Open Water Swim!

Big congratulations goes to Courtney Shepherd and Diona Gouker for completing a 2.4 Mile and 1.2 Mile Open Water Swim!

Showing Up vs. Participating

We get asked a lot if showing up to a class 4-5x/week is enough for your general fitness. The answer is simple, no. Showing up is not enough to get you the results that you are most likely looking for. If you want results you have to participate. What’s the difference?

“Showing up” means that you arrived to CrossFit Verve at the exact time that class started. “Showing up” means that you did half the reps during the warm-up. “Showing up” means that when the WOD is over, rarely do you do the Post WOD written on the whiteboard. “Showing up” means that you don’t plan to make any better health and fitness choices outside the one hour a day you are at the gym. 

“Participating” is when the coach calls the class to the whiteboard, you have already been at the gym for fifteen minutes working on mobility issues or weaknesses you may have. “Participating” means you give full effort and attention from the time you are at the whiteboard until the moment the Post WOD is done. Participating” means that you continually work on your diet and sleep patterns when you are not at the gym. 

So, in short, will you reach your goals just by “showing up”? No. You have to participate. 


  1. rob bell :

    Thank you! Here’s what’s always stumped me… If you can’t get there 15 mins, every day, ok. whatevs. (TM C. Shepperd)
    But, what’s with being there at :10 of and sitting on the couch??
    You’re there.
    Verve kindly doesn’t charge for pre-class roller, lacrosse ball, band or even rower usage.
    Do your self a solid and start to unglue your bits after a day of sitting.

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