Monday 160829

Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy push press

Then, every minute on the minute x 10:
:10 Handstand hold
3 Push press @ 70% of today’s heaviest

Post Result to BTWB.

Come to Barbell Class Monday night at 7pm!

Come to Barbell Class Monday night at 7pm!

First and foremost, Barbell Class starts tonight (Monday) at 7pm. Be there. Second, with barbell starting right at 7pm, what should you be doing before hand to get ready? I’m going to outline a good warm-up to be ready for Barbell Class.

First, I recommend trying your best to get to Verve about 30 minutes early. If you haven’t noticed in most class structure we take our time in beginning of class to get your bodies ready to do some heavy lifting. Barbell Class is no different. Here is the four step process I typically go through before doing any lifting:

  1. Mobility
  2. Monostructural Warm-up
  3. Dynamic Warm-up
  4. Specific Warm-up

Okay, great, now how do I address these. Here is how:


Think about lacrosse balls, foam rollers, bands and all of the toys that we have at Verve in the front right corner of the gym. You should spend somewhere between 10-15 minutes before lifting to help open up some tight spots. I would pick 2-3 drills and perform them each for about 2-3:00/side of whatever you are working. Some trouble areas typically lie in the T:Spine, Pecs, Lats, Hip and Ankles. I would start there. ?


This is the actual first part of getting “warm”. I like to pick something that will get me to start breaking a sweat. I like to pick from running, rowing, assault bike and even sled work. You want to perform this at a conversational pace.

Dynamic Warm-up:

This is where we start putting our bodies through an active range of motion. Some good choices are arm circles, leg swings, air squats, glute bridges and step ups. Pretty much anything that gets your body moving in a range of motion you will be using that day. Perform each exercise for 8-10 reps/side

Specific Warm-up:

Well, it’s Barbell Class, so the last 5-10 minutes before class, I would suggest to start moving an empty barbell or a PVC. If you are performing snatches that day, I would do some: Snatch High Pulls, Muscle Snatches, Overhead Squats, Snatch Balances and even some Hang Power Snatches. You want your body to start getting used to the positions you are going to have to be in for the next hour.

The workout starts with the warm-up. If you cut it short, you could be leaving some extra pounds on the table when it comes to the workout. Get those pounds!

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