Monday 160905

In teams of two complete the following for time:
200 Wall Balls 20#(14#)*

*Every 50 reps team must run 400 meters with medball. Partners have to switch who carries the medball every 200 Meters during run including a 400 meter run after the 200th wallball.

Post Results to BTWB.

Management at Verve wants you to enjoy your holiday weekend!

Management at Verve wants you to enjoy your holiday weekend!

First off all – Happy Labor Day! Second of all, we at Verve are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow on hopefully a day that you don’t have to go to work. Monday, 9/5, we will have class at 9a and 1130a with Open Gym between 10-1130a. Come get your workout on before heading out to the barbecue. Below are three easy steps to take to make sure a holiday barbecue doesn’t get in the way of your goals:

  1. Choose a lean, unprocessed protein.
    • It very easy to head over to Whole Foods and pick up a lean cut of ground beef or ground turkey to turn into patties to throw on the grill. 
  2. Stock up on fresh veggies.
    • Instead of going for the hamburger and hot dog buns, buy some peppers and onions and make some kebobs to put on the grill as a healthier option. 
  3. Keep count of the alcohol. 
    • No, a 1-2 drinks on a special occasion will not completely throw your goals out of line. However, 6+ in one sitting can easily do that. Go in with a plan for how many drinks you will allow yourself to have and stick to it. You will definitely thank yourself on Tuesday. 

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