Monday 160912

For Time:
50 Box jump 24″(20″)
25 Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings 53#(35#)
50 Walking Lunge steps (25 per leg)
50 Knees to elbows
50 Single arm dumbell push press 40#(25#)
50 Single arm kettlebell deadlifts 53#(25#)
50 Wall balls20#(14#)
25 Burpees
50 Double unders
Run 400 Meters

Post Results to BTWB

Not everything about Barbell Club is with a barbell.

Not everything about Barbell Club is with a barbell.

Ladies and Germs, 

This week is the week. The free two week trial for Barbell Club is up and we are heading into the 12 Week Macrocycle to bring all the “gainz” to Verve. I want to touch on a couple things that I find to either be important or that have changed in the two week trial period. 

The first thing is the days and times. We have taken some feedback into consideration and have changed the days of the week to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 7-8pm and Saturday at 9-10am. Hopefully this will give some of those who do not want to give up their weekend Barbell Class the opportunity to participate and make “gainz”.

The other thing I would like to touch upon is the regular Class WODs. If you are planning on doing Barbell Class, I would highly recommend lowering the amount of regular class WODs you attend per week and I would definitely recommend not attending the class strength days (obviously, only if you are attending Barbell Class). The WODs and Barbell Club are completely two different programs that do not take each other into consideration when programming them. By adding in and taking out whatever you feel like, you run the risk of potentially overtraining. Train smarter, not harder. 

Lastly, how do you sign up for Barbell Class? Send an email to and Paul ( telling them that you want to become a Barbell Club member. The price is $90 for CrossFit Verve members for 12 Weeks of Barbell Club and $400 for non-CrossFit Verve members for 12 Weeks of Barbell Club. Once, you have notified and paid, you will be allowed to attend classes as well as receive an e-mail with a password to the Verve Barbell Club page on our website, link is included below:

Hope to see you all lifting weights this week!

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