Monday 160926

For time:
100 Double unders
50 Toes to bar
50 Kettlebell swings, 24kg(16kg)
100 Front rack lunge steps, 24kg(16kg)

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Afraimi being Afraimi at the 2015 CrossFit Games.

Afraimi being Afraimi at the 2015 CrossFit Games.

What does it mean to be tough?

This past week I had a conversations about what it meant to be “tough”. I was a bit taken off guard by the questions and I am pretty sure that I rambled out an answers. Afterward, I went home and really thought about what I was asked. 
Everyone has their own versions of what it means to be “tough”. Most, often define being tough as having strength, but personally I think the two are different.
The definition of the word “strong” is having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks – in which we are obviously looking to achieve in the gym. While, the definition of the word “tough” is that a substance or object is strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling. So, reciting these two definitions back to you may not be the most compelling argument, but stick with me.
The difference between being “strong” and being “tough” is patience in adversity. If you are strong you will force your way through a situation without thinking about the consequences and reactions. You will use brute force to will your way to your goal or destination. This can cause adverse reactions from peers and actually lead you to a set back or cause another problem. 
The difference lies within how you respond to an adverse situation. If you are “tough” you will understand that there will be many failures before you find true success. If you are “tough” you will understand a setback is just an opportunity to work on something else. If you are “tough” you will have the ability to commit and dedicate yourself to a goal without wavering. If you are “tough” you will understand that you are the only person that is in control of what happens to you. 
So whatever we are looking to achieve we need to be tough, not just strong. 

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