Monday 170508

Every minute on the minute x 20 rounds:
1 Squat snatch

*Start at 50% of 1RM, add 5# every round

Post loads to comments and BTWB

The Sunday crew hitting up Tabata paralette lateral jumps.

The Sunday crew hitting up Tabata paralette lateral jumps.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Tonight we are having a nutrition talk at Verve. This talk will be a basic intro into why nutrition is even important to us (food is what fuels all of life’s processes). Why what we eat is important to our health (unbalanced hormones is at the root of chronic diseases). And how eating the right amount of food can help optimize our performance (weighing and measuring in Zone proportions). If you are newer to Verve or have been around awhile but have note yet heard this talk, there is no better time than now. Maybe you are not in place yet where you want to think about your nutrition, maybe right now coming in to the gym on a consistent basis is the first battle that you have chosen to fight and that battle is still raging. Maybe adding another small battle to this continual war we fight to be the healthiest, happiest, best versions of ourselves might be just too much. Coming to this talk does not mean you have to walk away and make huge changes, coming to this talk will simply give you some tools, resources, information, and the starting place for when you are ready. Our nutritional journey is much like our CrossFit journey, we are all starting in different places and to reach our goals may take some of us longer than others. But life is a journey, the goal is to live it and enjoy it as long as possible. So come learn how. 

This party starts at 8pm. There is about 45 minutes of talk and as much time as you need after for Q&A. This talk is listed in MBO, it is free to any and all who are interested, including any family or friend that is not a member of Verve. We just ask that you sing up in MBO so we have a head count. 

See you folks tonight. 


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