Monday 170710

4 Rounds for time:
Row 500 meters
Run 400 meters with, 20#(14#) medball
15 Wall balls, 20#(14#)

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Frank Moore of CellCylce

Frank Moore of CellCycle

We are certain that most Verve members know who Frank Moore is. He is hard to miss, especially when he is about 3-5 minutes late for class and Clancy jokingly points that out. 😉 When that happens Frank lovingly laughs along with the joke. Frank is kind of a big deal to us at Verve, and it’s not just because he has a great sense of humor. 

Frank founded the charity CellCycle last year after his 6 year old niece was diagnosed with a childhood leukemia. Here is what Frank had to say about CellCycle last year:

“I started the charity CellCycle in June (2016) to raise money and awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma patients. This organization is 100% home grown. I took some time off work, bought the website site domain, designed the website, wrote the content and concept and then after much thought – sent CellCycle into the world to do some good. Simply put, CellCycle is me and it is deeply personal. At the website you will also learn I am not just asking for your money. I am going to ride my bike 200 miles across Switzerland over 4 days and climbing a little over 20,000 vertical feet through the Alps for your support. To put it in perspective, you can drive across Switzerland in 230 miles. I planned this ride and will complete on my own, with no support and with all my belongings on my bike. In CrossFit terms, there are no modifications; this ride must be completed as prescribed.

Patient’s with blood cancer (or leukemia and lymphoma) are important to me for a few reasons. Foremost, a member of my family was diagnosed with leukemia a little less than a year ago. And not just any member of our family, but one of the youngest members of our family. My brother’s daughter Etta, our niece, was diagnosed on December 23rd 2015 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL) at 6 years old. I struggled finding ways to be useful during this time given my brother, his wife and their 2 children live in Portland Oregon. It took some time, but I came to realize there is so much that can be done to help this community and patient’s and their families are often too busy with treatment to fundraise in earnest for this cause. Furthermore as a medical doctor who specializes blood cancer, I had diagnosed this same disease 100 times before it became personal and this has changed me forever. I am not happy that a family member has life-threatening illness, but I am not going to miss the lessons it will teach.”

Frank is at it again this year. In it’s sophomore year CellCycle is now a Colorado non-profit company, a federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, with funding to help cover operating costs, they have their own social media, they have a creative team for design, music, photo and video and they have a corporate sponsor (Thanks to Whole Foods Market who ‘gets’ their vision). They have also expanded their opportunities for donors beyond the bike with their KiloCycle events. But all the important stuff remains. They are family operated, they donate 100% of the money raised and they tell the stories of individuals affected by blood cancer. They continue to improve and grow, but only with your generous help. 

Sunday July 30th Verve proudly supports Frank and CellCycle. We will be hosting a free workout at 10am and 11am. The workout will be written specifically for the event and will be scaleable to any beginners looking to participate. Afterwords snacks and refreshments will be provided by Whole Foods. There will be an opportunity to donate to CellCycle, any donation over $30 will receive a t-shirt. Anyone and everyone is invited to join in this event. 

We are incredibly excited to be a part of helping Frank and CellCycle reach their donation goals and give back to our community. For more information about CellCycle click here.


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