Monday 171211

Every 90 seconds x 6 sets:
2 Touch and go power snatch, building in weight

Rest 5:00 minutes then, 5 rounds for time of:
25 Ab mat sit ups
15 Power snatch, 75#(55#)

Post loads to comments and BTWB

The men of the morning class crew (Dutton, Nate, and Dave) coming at Monday like. . .













Ladies and gentlemen,

Last week we had an incident where an unknown man in the neighborhood had an unwelcomed interaction with a member of Verve. The Verve member is alright and the unknown man has not been seen in the area since, however, we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Verve is located in a Downtown area. An area that does have some unsavory folks inhabiting it. Please have situational awareness of your surroundings, should you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable either leaving your car to come in to Verve or leaving Verve to go to your car, please let a trainer know. We are more than happy to walk with you, talk with, or assist in any way that helps you safely get through our doors, either coming or going. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to email me,


Folks!! Our 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off is this weekend!! I have received emails from 4 people looking to prove their chili is the bestest. I know there are more of you wanting to throw your hat in the ring, but you can’t do it without emailing me. . . so get on your computer and type away:

*Chili needs to have a name (one that does not give away it’s maker)
*Hotness level (mild, mediun, hot)
*Any allergy concerns

All of this needs to be listed in your email to by Wednesday December 13th @ 7pm.

Click here for the link to the official event page. Read it for the rules (both cooks and tasters) and while you are there, be sure to RSVP. GOT CORN-HOLE?? If you have a set that you would not mind letting us use as entertainment while we dine, please note it in the comments of the event page. Thank you!!

Guess what else is going down this coming Saturday??? It’s another “Bring a Friend to Verve” day!! Thats’ right, invite your friend, family, roommate, co-worker, bestie, anyone that you would love to introduce to Verve and CrossFit, to try out a class FOR FREE!! The workout will be scaleable to meet all needs and abilities. Just be sure to sign both you and your friend up in MBO so we get a head count. And if they like chili, have them come back to Verve from 1pm-3pm to help us taste test and crown a chili champ. 

*Free class does not include open gym. 

While you are signing up in MBO for class this weekend, be sure to take a look at the schedule for the upcoming holidays. We will have a class on Christmas Day, but leading up to it, and after it, we will have some abbreviated scheduling. Please be sure to always sign up for classes. 

Excited about doing the “12 Days of Christmas” WOD?? It’s got an all new set of movements and order this year, and we will be doing it Saturday December 23rd. Classes will be an hour and a half to accommodate, but again, PLEASE sign up for class. 


  1. Ali :

    Scary stuff! Be careful everyone!!

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