Monday 180108

Every 2 minutes x 8 sets:
10 Thrusters, (95#/65#)
10 Bar facing burpees

*Score is your slowest round

Post times to comments and BTWB

Kendall is all smiles for Mondays and mobility!!

What is going on this month?

Verve Barbell Club is back with a 6 week cycle. Monday January 8th is the official start of this cycle. We had a test day this past Thursday to establish a 1RM snatch, 1RM clean & jerk, and a 1RM back squat. The numbers from these tests will be used for the work in the rest of the cycle. It will be 3 days per week (Mon/ Tues/ Thurs) 7pm-8pm. Cost for Verve members is $40, cost for non-Verve members is $150. To register or if you have additional questions, please email Athletes may still sign up for the barbell club.

CrossFit Kids is back on Saturday mornings!! We had 7 kids this past Saturday morning and I hear word it was kinda fun. . . sign get your kids pumped for next Saturday @ 8am. Parents can purchase a 10 punch card for $95 or there will be a $15 drop in rate. All purchases can be made on Verve’s square system. Parents do not need to be members of Verve to get their kids involved in the Kid’s class. 

Verve holiday party is coming!! We know the holidays are technically over but all that means is all your others parties have come and gone, so you have no reason to miss this one. Put the evening of Saturday January 20th in your calendars, it will be an adults only party held at a bar in the area, so plan accordingly. Stay tuned for more details. 

Verve is hosting a Level 2 seminar. The weekend of January 20th-21st we will have 1 class in the morning each day, we will then be closed the remainder of the day. But don’t you worry, you got a party that weekend to think about anyway.

Verve will be starting a Nutrition Challenge!! We have chosen to start it on Monday January 22nd, after our holiday party, so you can boogie down without regret. Stay tuned for more details. 

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