Monday 180212

21-15-9 Reps for time of:
Dumbbell snatch, 50#(35#)
Burpees, jumping over the dumbbell

At the 12 minute mark,

3 Rounds for time:
10 Deadlift, 315#(205#)
10 Burpee box jump over, 24″(20″)

Post times to comments and BTWB

Cherie leading a Verve trainers meeting, helping remind Verve trainers why we do what we do.

TEAM VERVE!!!!! Are you ready for the CrossFit Games Open to start?? Cause it’s coming in hot. This Saturday we are having our draft party, where 4 team captains will be picking the members for their teams. They will be picking from the Games roster provided minutes before the draft starts. 

The roster I’m talking about is the one pulled directly from the CrossFit Games website, the roster of Team Verve. These would be all the members of Verve that have signed up for the Open. So if you want in on the Open and you want in on the Verve Open Team Cup, you NEED to be signed up, online, for the Open by the morning of February 17th. Right now Team Verve only has 19 people signed up!! I’m certain there are so many more of you excited to participate, so go get yourself registered. 

Click here to register for the Open on the Games site. Be sure to pick CrossFit Verve for both your TEAM and AFFILIATE. 

Here’s what’s on the calendar this week:

Thursday February 15th- Mobile Body Metrics is at Verve (BodPod)

Click here to go to their bookings calendar and get signed up. $50 for first time testing, $40 if this is a re-test.

Saturday February 17th- Open Skills Workshop w/ Matt Chan

From 9am-12pm Matt Chan will be covering a variety of tips and skills to help with the Open. This is not a sit down Q&A, this will be several hours of moving and practicing. Per Matt, “We WILL do a lot of moving, so no additional workout is needed.” This workshop is open to Verve members at no charge. Non Verve members will need to pay a drop in fee. We will have a class listed in MBO, please sign up in MBO for this workshop.

Saturday February 17th- Verve Open Team Cup Draft Party

From 1pm-3pm team captains will be participating in a draft to pick their team for this year’s team cup. We will have food, drinks, and corn hole. It will be a fun community event to kick off the Open season. 


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