For time:

50 Kettlebell snatches, 53# (35#)

10 Push-ups

40 Kettlebell snatches, 53# (35#)

20 Push-ups

30 Kettlebell snatches, 53# (35#)

30 Push-ups

20 Kettlebell snatches, 53# (35#)

40 Push-ups

10 Kettlebell snatches, 53# (35#)

50 Push-ups

Kettlebell snatches are done 25 in the right hand and 25 in the left hand for the 50 rep round, and so on.

Post time to comments.


"Crossfit: it's like a 15 minute ab workout, followed by beating yourself in the face with a lead pipe." – Ben Freedman

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  1. Kiley :

    Matt thank you for your encouragement today and helping me NOT do my push-ups on my knees!! Hope you and Cherie enjoy your much deserved day off together tomorrow.

  2. Favero :

    CF Verve, you guys still on for this Saturday 0830 for a little weekend WOD fun?
    CF Parkerfire

  3. Matt :

    Favero (and the rest of the CFPF weekend WOD crew), we’ll be there!
    Let’s get a count, who’s going to Parker?
    Nice job today Kiley – all 150 push ups done with full ROM.

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    I want to go so bad but I have my final at 9 am this Saturday. 🙁
    Also, no, I am not trying to have my way with Jason….
    And, I feel like I have reserves of adrenaline when I am not working out,now. Much like a little Incredible Hulk inside of me. It will be a fairly interesting day when that little Hulk comes out….

  5. Jared :

    I think a 53lb kettle bell and 6 inches of snow should keep things extremely fun tonight at 7:30! Tough as nails baby, tough as nails!

  6. Jared :

    I will be working on Saturday with no way to escape… Dan will have to kick double ass for me!

  7. Dan :

    Yeah, I’m in like a fat girl’s hand in the cookie jar!

  8. Alan :

    Amy, Congrats on the push-ups! THAT ROCKS!!!! There seems to only be a few girls that do full ROM push-ups! Welcome to the big leagues!
    I WILL be there Saturday!
    Unfortunately my stronger, better half is working that day!
    Matt, I am going to try to get Clear Creek Matt to come!

  9. Matt :

    Kiley 19:48 (no knees!!!!, 12kg)
    Jason 25:04
    Cass 27:24 (elevated push, 8kg)
    Alan 23:04
    Matt 12:12
    Anthony 12:36
    Sarah 17:23 (knee, 12kg)
    Joei 19:29 (knee, 8kg)
    Cheresa 20:00 (12kg)
    Mike 22:30 (16kg)
    Mas 22:31
    Joylyn 24:50
    Steff 20:50 (knee, 8kg)
    1 flight of stairs, 10 squats top, 10 squats bottom
    2 flights of stairs, 10 squats top, 10 squats bottom
    3 flights of stairs, 10 squats top, 10 squats bottom
    2 flights of stairs, 10 squats top, 10 squats bottom
    1 flight of stairs, 10 squats top, 10 squats bottom.
    Liz 25:33
    Dan 14:19
    Jared 15:20
    Again, we had a beautiful morning and a totally jacked up evening. There was probably 2″ of snow on the ground for the last WOD, which was way interesting. After the 5:30pm wod, there was no way we could do another KB snatch, pushup wod. Way to go 5:30pm class – you showed a lot of guts.

  10. Amy :

    Thanks Alan! But I can’t lie, for the WOD on Saturday (As many rounds in 20 mins of : 5 sumo dead-lift high pulls, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats) I did do them on my knees. But I will take the compliment for the WOD (4 rounds for time: 800 m, 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups)that I did do all the push-ups badass style!

  11. JaRed :

    300 squats in wind, snow, ice, and running stairs is no Joke… I take back all the nasty things I said about you during the workout, Matt. Just like the things Cherie has to say about your workouts when your not around. LoL
    Anthony, great job on the training today. I left proud, inspired, forearm-less, sweating, and unable to count my reps… The kettle bell workouts are awesome, especially when the muscle memory and improved efficiency in the movements begin to take place after the level of fatigue. Another satisfying crazy Crossfit woopin!
    My next challenge is taking all of my slacks in to get them brought in a few inches. The 4-weeks of Zone was amazing. After getting into the swing of zone, I feel I have the direction and choosing power that is effective to control my body’s nutrition and structure. I can see that I will always be zoning for the rest of my life because I learned it about understanding how to give your body what it needs. Its a small investment of measuring and making food, to gain all of the benefits you have to experience for yourself. You have to earn the benefits for yourself to experience them… Its too hard to explain how great it feels! Thanks for everyones support and sense of community!
    I feel the best I have ever felt in my life!
    I AM going to be very good at Crossfit!

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