"The Chief"

Max rounds in three minutes of:

3 Power cleans, 135# (85#)

6 Push-ups

9 Squats

Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Post rounds for each of the 5 cycles to comments.


Cheresa, stronger and stronger everyday… its getting scary.

With the upcoming holidays, we face a dilemma.  Do we enjoy every delicious morsel of food that passes our faces, or do we fight our urges and engage in warfare against all things sweet?  How about this: compromise.  Have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas day of zoning, but allow your holiday dinners to be guilt-free.  Reward yourself by enjoying the holiday without worries of Zoning or WOD's.  Enjoy the company of your families and friends.  Have a little extra wine, enjoy the Christmas ham, and don't feel bad about digging in on Grandma's mashed potatoes.  You've earned it! 

On a scheduling note, please look at the updated January schedule and confirm your workout times and dates.  We had to make some changes to the schedule to conform to Altitude Peak Fitness' schedule.  Thanks for your patience – we are as anxious as you are to have a permanent schedule and location. 


Britt and Emily starting out on "CFV Baseline".  Welcome to CFV!


  1. Matt :

    Anyone wanting to celebrate the holidays with fellow CrossFitters are welcome to join CFV at Whiskey Bar after the 7:30pm class (~8:30pm) on Friday the 26th.
    Informal get together to knock back a couple and meet the whole crew. See you there!

  2. Danimal :

    I’m in like a fat kid and cake….

  3. Danimal :

    oh and by the way, this work out sounds sneakily super hard…. soooo unsuspecting. My only question is if its ok to sob in the corner for the whole minute of rest…. 😀

  4. Matt :

    It is okay, but you have to cry while everyone circles around you and points. Good luck today!

  5. JaRed :

    Anyone else sore from yesterdays WOD?

  6. Amy :

    I may as well be an old grandpa, that is how sore I am.

  7. Cherie :

    Steel doesn’t get sore!

  8. stef :

    I’m about to cry about tonight’s workout!

  9. Kiley :

    Kiley -4-4-4-4-4 — 65#
    Backs going to be a bit sore tomorrow.

  10. JaRed :

    I have always wanted to go to the whiskey bar. I hope to see everyone there.

  11. Matt :

    Cherie wrote down my scores from the last “Chief” I did… I guess that means I’m doing it? Oh damn…

  12. WOD:
    Mike 3 2/3(125#),2 2/3,3,3,3 (115)
    Steff 3 2/3,3 2/3,3 1/3,3,3 (55#)
    Matt 6,6,6,6,6
    Hillary 3 1/3,3,3,3,3 (65#)
    Kristin 3 1/3,3,3,3,3 1/3 (65#)
    Cheresa 3 2/3,3 2/3,3 2/3,3 2/3,3 2/3
    Cass 3 2/3,3,3,3,3 1/3 (40#)
    Luke 4,4,4,3 2/3,4
    Cherie 5,5,5,5,5
    Dan 5,5,5,5,5 1/3
    Jared 4,4,4,4,3
    Amy 2 (65#),4,3 2/3,3 1/3,3 (55#)
    Anna 4,4,4,4,4
    Elements #1
    4 rds 500m row, 20 wall ball 15#
    Mike 15:22

  13. Cherie :

    Great scores, hope you’re having fun !

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