Five rounds for time:

30 Waiter carry lunges 35# (24#)

30 Sumo deadlift high pull 35# (24#)

Post time to comments.

028 050  

013 005   

031 039 

017 051 

012 053

Fun Saturday WOD, with some good looking athletes.  Great job to Kevin and Carrie, joining us for the first time today. We hope to see you both again. 

Anyone interested in going to the CrossFit Games in 2009?  Check out the new format for the Affiliate Cup.  Teams can be a maximum of six and a minimum of four, with at least two men and two women.  We love the new format allowing more people to get involed.  What do you think?  Should we hold a Verve competition in June?  Are you planning to compete as an individual? 


  1. Matt :

    I think the Games are just around the corner, so we better keep training hard!!! Everyday is an opportunity to train for the Games (among other things…).

  2. emmalee :

    I think Verve should have a competition in June! Yes, I would like to compete.

  3. Dan :

    Awesome pics!

  4. Matt :

    Thanks Dan, we have attractive models!

  5. Cherie :

    Jared: 17:37
    Mike: 17:48
    Cheresa: 14:28
    Jason: 19:26
    Kiley: 11:44 (1st round 24#, remaining 16#)
    Joei: 15:52 (16#)
    Cherie: 11:50
    Jen: 12:37 Welcome to the Verve family Jen!
    Cass: 9:50 (20#, jumping PU’s)
    Today was a great day to be a coach. Jared has gone down two belt notches, Jason linked 3 kipping pullups, and Cass tackled Fran.

  6. Cassandra :

    Cherie thanks for the constant encouragement! You are AWESOME! Yea! I am finally done with elements!! 🙂

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