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150 Wall balls

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Today is our first day of being an official CrossFit Affiliate!!!  We’re really excited about what the future will bring and we’re looking forward to bringing that energy to your training.  Have a look at our "Lift-Off" promo that’s only available while we search for our permanent location.  Call or email us for more details or to schedule your free workout.


  1. Wyman :

    Sta 66/C
    150 wallballs- 12# station medicine ball
    Lt Williams 7:15
    Wyman 5:48
    Petau 6:18
    Maxie 8:55

  2. Cherie :

    Nice job guys – Great times.

  3. Matt :

    Yeah Brotha’s way to go!

  4. Cherie :

    Alan 20#MB 11:14
    Anna 12#MB 11:45
    So I “tried” to act all nonchalant today when Alan asked me my Karen time. As if I didn’t know it off the top of my head.
    Cherie 12#MB 7:48

  5. Emily :

    Hi Matt and Cherie-
    Congrats on your affiliate! I am so happy for you guys, tomorrow 150 wallball shots as a cheers to you!
    ***from phoenix

  6. Matt :

    Yeah Mayhemily! Good to hear from you!!!

  7. cherie :

    Emily – thank you for checking in. Great to hear from you. Will you be at the nutrition certification in Flaggstaff in Nov?

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